9 Traditional Panchaloha Jewellery Designs

Panchaloha jewellery is made out of five loha (metals). These five metals are gold, silver, copper, iron and lead. In the past it was known that the idol of Hindu God and Goddesses were made out of the alloys of five metals. It was considered to be sacred and the purity and energy of these five metals were powerful like the supreme God.

Later it was also found that the wearing jewelry made from panchaloha makes the people confident, healthy and also wealthy in case of fortune. It was said that the nakshatras and zodiac signs with reference to the moon and sun of each person varied according to the positions of the stars and their attraction towards the metals on earth. Scientists also made a consideration that it does effect the human life. So people started wearing jewelry like rings, pendants, chain, bracelets etc made of panchdhatu according to their zodiac sign.

Panchalogam Jewellery Designs:

Gradually the art in Panchaloha jewellery became so adorable that people wear it even for their choice. Here are 9 best designs of jewelry made out of panchaloha.

1. Panchaloha Necklace Design:

panchaloha jewellery

Here is a beautiful necklace made from panchaloha. The design is so traditional, with ginni pattern studded with rubies and lastly a tear drop red pearl making it more beautiful. One can wear the panchdhatu jewelry without any fear of getting lost or been stolen because panchdhatu jewelry is not very costly.

2. Panchdhatu Rudraksha Mala:


Here is a Rudraksha mala made with panchdhatu. It is said rudraksha is a sacred seed from a holy tree of Lord Shankar. The seeds are considered to be sacred and powerful in terms of its universal energy. People wear rudraksha seeds carved in jewelry, which makes them feel confident and near to God. Here is a beautiful mala of rudraksha seeds made with panchaloha.

3. Panchaloha Polka Diamond Anklet:


Wow, what a beautiful design of pair of anklet! Look at this anklet design. It is design with diamonds studded and ringing small bells under each diamond. It is made in panchaloha. Indian ladies wear anklets to add to their beauty.

4. Kada Bangle Made From Panchaloha:  


Here is a kada a kind of bangle in large thickness. Men who are fond of jewelry also wear kada of different designs. Here is a kada made for women made with nakshikaam. The color differs when made with panchdhatu.

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5. Long Dangle Bridal Earring:


You can see here are earrings made from panchaloha. People choose to wear panchaloha jewellery as it is easy to stud colorful diamonds in panchdhatu, as such it gets a perfect match your outfit.

6. Panchaloha Diamond Rings:


People wear diamond studded rings with their respective type of stone. Stones make a great difference on human life. It is said that the stones have their own power on human mind when they reflect their radiations with the horoscope stars direction and all. Rings made in panchdhatu makes the diamond more effective.

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7. Pendant Set With Panchaloha:


Here is a pendant set made with five metals. The design is so fine carved that it looks just like pure gold. Girls would love to wear such a sober pendant set.

8. Antique Bracelets:


Here is a beautiful artificial bracelet, girls are really fond of. You can get such beautiful bracelet in a very notably rate than gold and silver ornaments. Panchaloha ornaments can be designed very unique way than gold.

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9. Unique Snake Ring:


Here is another panchaloha ring. People wear simple rings without diamond on their finger. Plain panchaloha rings are very commonly worn by people. It is said it gives a good immunity to health. Here is a very different rind in the design of a snake.

These Nine designs of jewelry made from panchaloha. It is said that the alloy of the five metals used in the panchaloha jewellery react differently to the human nature. The components in these metals are highly reacted when the nakshatras of the particular person are at their positions.

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