9 Traditional Punjabi Wedding Bangles for Bride

Weddings in India have a great significance. It is an occasion where the whole and extended family take part and make it a grand success. Among the Indian states, Punjab is one such state where big is used as an understatement. Punjabi’s are considered very large hearted and family plays a big role in their life. So weddings are considered not only auspicious but also a great way to celebrate in a huge way.

Punjabi brides are decked up in all finery. Gold is paramount and the color red plays an important part. One of the items of jewelry worn by the brides is bangles.

Punjabi Style Bridal Bangles for your Wedding:

Punjabi wedding bangles are the chooda and the kalire that are considered most auspicious. These are a part of the wedding and they are usually worn by the bride for at least 40 days or up to a year.

1. Choora Bangles:

punjabi wedding bangles

The choora ceremony is a very traditional ritual performed during the wedding of a Punjabi bride. It is a set of 21 Punjabi bangles that are red and white in color. The white bangles are made of ivory. It is given by the bride’s uncle and aunt.

2. Bridal Kalire Bangles:


There is an important part to the chooda called the kalire. It is symbolic as it signifies happiness and good wishes for the bride. It reminds her of her friends in her new home. It is umbrella shaped and it is made of gold mostly.

3. Personalized Punjabi Bangles Wedding:

Personalized Bangles

Punjabi bridal bangles can now also be personalized with the name of the bride and the groom inscribed on the white bangles. These are a trend nowadays.

4. Traditional Indian Pattern Bangles Set:

Indian Design Bangles

The Indian designs that are widely used in Punjabi marriage bangles are the peacock design. The peacock design symbolizes beauty. It is used in many pieces of jewelry and is specially used in wedding attire.

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5. Brass Metal Punjabi Wedding Bangles:

Brass Metal Bangles

These are personalized Punjabi bangles for wedding made in brass metal and combined with maroon glass bangles. They look elegant and charming and can be used by the bride even after the wedding day.

6. Multi Stone Kalire:

Multi Stone Kalire

The kalire that is part of the Punjabi bangles can also be made using multi stones in beautiful colors. The colors mostly used are purple, red, pink, etc that symbolize richness.

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7. Pink Kalire for Bride:

Pink Kalire

Today’s bride is all about modern trendy look. So the traditional red lehenga is replaced with pink. The pink kalire is worn to match this new trend in bridal wear. This helps to match the beautiful bride’s outfit and make her look more modern.

8. Punjabi Bridal Kalire in Silver:

Kalire in Silver

Glitz on the wedding day is part of the Punjabi tradition. Silver is also considered auspicious so this kalire made in silver is given to a bride keeping in terms of tradition.

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9. Punjabi Wedding Bangles with Beads:

Bangles with Beads

A beautiful bride looks even more elegant in her bridal outfit that has tiny beads. The kalire can be adorned with beads made of gold to give it an intricate feel.

A Punjabi wedding bangle set has the chooda and the kalire. These are colorful items, usually in red, maroon and pink. The chooda can be made in ivory and glass. The kalire can be made in gold, silver, brass, etc. Each of these combinations only adds to the beauty of the bride and makes her the most elegant queen for the day. Along with her bridal attire, the bangles create an aura around the bride. The wedding bangles are given to the bride by her uncle and they are a part of her hand for more than a month.