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9 Unique Pearl Bracelet Designs

One of the latest trends for men and women is the gift of custom keepsake pearl bracelets and no longer is it just a fashion statement, as it can be worn for all kind of special occasions from birthdays to weddings. Hand selected bracelets with cultured pearls will make an unforgettable lustrous statement. Of all, pearl bracelets are typically worn on the wrist and have sentimental value to the wearer. There is an assortment of charming pearl bracelets available for people of all ages.

pearl bracelets

Different Types of Bracelets with Pearls:

There are varieties of options to choose from out there as well where you can find a unique selection that comes with a mouse click away. Today, these pearl bracelets are studded with charms in various styles and shapes, colors and designs pearl for women.

1. Lovely Best Clover Pearl Bracelet:


For generations, women have used charming bracelets to document their travels, life experiences, and major life events. This lovely silver pearl clover bracelet will let her pick and choose her favorite moments in life, and commemorate them with a little charm.

2. Butterfly Pearl Bracelet:


Give you look a touch of fluttery flair with this cute butterfly charm white pearl bracelet that makes a statement with this elegant, yet fashionable bracelet made with a watch dial and some prestige quality pearls. Wearing this will be perfect for any outfit with a high polish finish.

3. Flower Pearl Bracelet With Watch:


Looking for an elegant gift to present to your beautiful women? This sleek and elegant bangle watches feature a white pearl bracelet with a white dial. Gifting this will definitely be a perfect expression of love for a long time partner that symbolizes love, making the bracelet a wonderful gift for the most romantic day of the year.

4. Multi-Color Pearl Bracelet For women:


This pink pearl bracelet for women is crafted in sterling silver and also this stackable double color cuff was embellished with two color freshwater cultured pearl stations. Add shimmer and sparkle to your style with this stunning bracelet that crescents in a bangle style with glittering pearls for a glamorous look in a versatile style.

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5. Silver Stone White Color Pearl Bracelet:


Silver stone white pearl bracelet is the latest update as it can matches with all colored outfits with a highly polished pearl and brass bracelet. This pearl bracelet designs features three rows of woven intricate pearls that enhance any look and its easy slip on style thus makes it fittest on any wrist. This bracelet will get perfectly paired with an A-line skirt and a striped top for a weekend morning brunch.

6. Black And White Elegant Women Pearl Bracelet:


This white and black elegant bracelet for women have the choice of two different color options as black and white and for a security option, this bracelet was constructed with an elastic band. Definitely, this bracelet with black and white color will be perfect for any occasion as the pearls of this bracelet will deliver the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

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7. Peacock Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stretchable Bracelet:


Peacock Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stretchable Bracelets are big, real and freshwater pearls. You can see the above stretchable bracelet with multi-color decoration and blemishes having 22 unknotted pearls on an elastic strand. In the above model, the pearls do not slide around and hence this will not be definitely broken.

8. Yellow Gold Pearl Bracelet:


In this bracelet, freshwater type of pearl is used and you can pick more colors for maximum color combinations. Here, two contrasting colors as yellow gold and white pearl has been chosen for an unexpected pop of brilliance and wearing these pearl bracelets for women will bring them a hint of elegance to their arm.

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9. Black Leather Freshwater Pearl Silver Cuff Bracelet:


This Black Leather Freshwater Pearl Silver Cuff bracelet with pearl will be absolutely beautiful as this color combination will become the best choice for gift giving ideas. You can gift this bracelet to your loved ones who would adore this attractive design as this will bring some fun edge to your style that features white freshwater pearls on a memory wire black colored cotton rope strands.

A decade ago, the bracelet as a jewellery has been a way to express personal choice and a preferred fashion statement. Nowadays, people have gone ahead with white pearl bracelet items of beauty and an eye catchy design to show support for various causes. Also, the bracelet with pearl is sold for a small margin and spread to numerous areas of fashion as well. These bracelets are fairly inexpensive and easily available for people to choose for more than one.

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