Amazing Wedding Colors for Fall

Amazing Wedding Colors for Fall

You and your partner finally agreed on a date for the wedding: sometime in November, meaning you’ll be a fall bride so you need to find out which are the wedding colors for fall. Fall is one of couples’ favorite seasons when it comes to weddings because of its mild temperatures and extremely beautiful foliage. You’ll have the perfect setting for the most important day of your life: your wedding.

Fall Wedding Color Schemes

We simply love fall because of its incredible and colorful combinations. Just take a stroll in the park and enjoy an amazing rug of multicolored leaves that makes you want to seal that moment forever.

So why not get inspired by these natural colors fall’s offering us? We’ve made a list of some of the most beautiful fall colors for weddings that we’re happy to show you!

Great Fall Wedding Color Scheme: Brown

Amazing Wedding Colors for FallAmazing Wedding Colors for Fall

Brown is definitely one of the most important shades from the fall wedding color palette. If you love earthy tones, then you should have this color in mind. You can opt for neutral yet elegant wedding invitations, choose a great rustic wooden cabin for the wedding reception or welcome your guests with some delicious brownies.

Fall Colors for Weddings: Orange

Amazing Wedding Colors for Fall

Orange is also perfect for a fall wedding because this bright color will work amazingly with the mild weather outside and will fill you with happiness. You can go for orange floral arrangements, orange accents on your bridesmaids’ bouquets or on your bridal bouquet. Orange brings joy and what better time to celebrate the beauty of life than at your own wedding?

Yellow for a Fall Wedding

Amazing Wedding Colors for Fall

Do you want to give your fall wedding day a playful touch? Then choose yellow, another amazing fall wedding color. You can add a touch of yellow to your bridal bouquet, your wedding dress or even to your wedding cake. Just imagine a great chocolate and lemon flavored wedding cake that will taste divinely.

Fall Wedding Colors: Purple

Amazing Wedding Colors for Fall

Purple is amazing for a fall wedding because it makes you think about ripe plums or delicious grapes. Brides can choose to flaunt beautiful purple wedding bouquets or rock some tasteful and luxurious restaurant or floral arrangements. If you’re one of those mysterious and elegant ladies, then you should definitely have this fall wedding color in mind.

Fall Colors for Weddings: Burgundy

Amazing Wedding Colors for Fall

If you want to add a touch of passion to your big day, then burgundy is among the best colors from the fall wedding color palette. Its richness and beauty will make your bouquet, jewels or wedding invitations spectacular and unique. It will certainly be a day to remember for the rest of your life.

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