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Best Jeans for Your Body Type

Best Jeans for Your Body Type

Picking the right pair of jeans should be as easy as simply going for the season’s trends, but it never is. The best jeans for your body type are both flattering and trendy, so if you already know what you want when it comes to jeans, here’s how to pair that with that works best for your body type.

Body types are generally split into 4 types (hourglass, pear, apple, column), but just like your jeans, it’s all about the details, so each of these can be split into a few more, with separate requirements for the best jeans for your body type. Find out what works best for your body and wear it with confidence.

Best Jeans Hourglass Shape Body Types

It may be the most envied body type, but the hourglass isn’t always easy to shop for. The general rule of thumb is to look for jeans that have a contoured waistband and a cut that’s higher in the back.

Best Jeans for Your Body Type

For the classic hourglass figure (think Christina Hendricks), you want a wide leg, so skinny jeans are off the table, especially if you have really skinny calves. Long inseams and a lower rise in the front at the way to go.

If you feel you’re stuck between the hourglass and the column or the apple (like Kate Winslet), you simply need to go for a medium rise, that doesn’t highlight your belly. Stay away for extreme flaring and pair wide legs with heels for a proportionate look.

Larger hips with a smaller waist but not the classic hourglass, like Kim Kardashian, you should go for fabrics with a big of stretch in them and wide legs. Avoid the heavily distressed look.

Best Jeans for Pear Shape Body Types

With a higher rise in the back, the best jeans for your body type should feature a waistband that hits either at the belly button or at the hip.

A pear shaped body like Jennifer Lopez’s is always better off with a slightly higher raise and the trouser look is one of the best looks, without any big front pockets that add volume. Stretch is good, but never more than 2%. Big pockets on the back and wider legs are great choices when it comes to the best jeans for your body type.

Best Jeans for Your Body Type

If you’ve got booty but you also have long legs (just like Beyoncé), you need to focus on a wider leg and long inseams. Try a contoured waist, that’s also low rise in the front.

When you think you’re a pear but you don’t have any big backside to show off (think Taylor Swift), your best options are straight leg jeans and bootcuts, but you can also look for details that enhance your buts, from big pockets to different embellishments.

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body Types

A moderate rise with a waistband just under the belly button is the most flattering look and can be the right clue for finding the best jeans for your body type. With the belly but without the butt isn’t exactly a good combination, but you can work wonders with the right fit.

For an apple body like Kesha’s, the best looks are skinny jeans, but you can also rock a trouser cut and a really low rise. Cropped jeans will also look great if you want to show off your legs.

Best Jeans for Your Body Type

A more traditional apple, like Kelly Osbourne, should stick to stretch fabric of the thick variety. Twisted seams and cute pockets in the back are details that will really enhance the good parts of your curves. You can rock a high rise, but you can also try a bootcut jean and even skinny jeans.

Broad shoulders but not a lot of back (Jessica Simpson) still leaves you plenty of options. Higher rise jeans take care of your belly, but you can also rock skinny jeans and trouser cut jeans.

Best Jeans for Column Shape Body Types

When it comes to the best jeans for your body type, look for waistbands that don’t curve too much, emphasizing your stomach. A slim fit will look good on you and you can rock both low-rise and higher rise jeans.

Skinny jeans are a good fit, but you can also rock flared legs. You can also go for cuffed boyfriend jeans and all the detailing you want.

Best Jeans for Your Body Type

If your shoulder a bit broad, like Cameron Diaz, you need skinny jeans, but you can also rock a flare (but never above the knee). A low rise can also help create a proportional effect, especially if you have very long legs.

If you’re a column that’s a big more top heavy, the best jeans for your body type are low rises and medium ones, since high ones don’t work that great for your proportions. Go wild with the details and make sure that if you try flares, they never start above the knees.

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