Celebrity Fashion Muses

Celebrity Fashion Muses

Celebrity Fashion Muses

Since we can remember some celebrities have always inspired people when it comes to fashion and style. Some celebrities are still the muses of high end fashion designers, due to their beauty and remarkable fashion sense.

Celebrities like Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy will always be remembered and will always inspire fashion designers.

Their unique style, femininity and beauty have made them classic, timeless fashion icons. There are several celebrities in the present as well which come as fashion inspirations for designers and not only. They are powerful women who always wear what suites them best.

When you choose a fashion icon, a celebrity as an inspiration source it is best to choose one that:

resembles you when it comes to height, weight, skin tone. This will give you a better perspective on what will look good on your body type and what will not be as flattering

has a fashion style you can appeal to. The fashion icon you choose should wear clothes that you like and would suit your personality

is known for her beautiful fashion style. It is important to choose a fashion icon who dresses well. Look in the best dressed section of the magazines to find your fashion icon

Most celebrities have a personal fashion stylist which make sure that they are always best dressed even if they are wearing something casual. This is why they are perfect to choose, because they get advice from well trained and professional people. It will almost be like you’ll have your own fashion stylist.

Here are a few examples of celebrity fashion icons from the present which became muses for a lot of women, teenagers and fashion houses:

Celebrity Fashion Muses Celebrity Fashion Muses Celebrity Fashion Muses

Nicole Richie Is a very fashionable and stylish celebrity. She came a long way when it comes to her fashion sense, going from the worst dressed celebrity column, to the top of the best dressed celebrities. She adopted a bohemian, retro style which suits her personality but that doesn’t mean she dresses the same every time. She mixes and matches, this is why she looks so great and stylish.

Lauren Conrad Lauren became famous relatively quickly, and some of her fame is due to her love for fashion. She is always seem wearing stylish outfits, outfits which only work in her advantage. She likes to accentuate her femininity so she would be a great fashion icon for girly girls especially now that she has her own fashion line.

Eva Longoria Is known fer her petite figure and great fashion style. She is always accentuating her femininity by wearing cute dresses and skirts. She has beautiful legs which she is not afraid to show and enhance by wearing high heels. She makes a wonderful and adorable fashion icon.

Choose the celebrity that matches your style and personality. You don’t have to be a copycat if you choose a fashion icon, you can just use them as a source of inspiration, a way to expand and improve your own fashion style.