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Celebrity Stylist Fashion Secrets

Celebrity Stylist Fashion Secrets

We’ve prepared you some useful tips and advices given by celebrity stylists on how to have a trendy dressing even if you dress for an afternoon out with your friends or just for another day at the office. Check out the best tips given by pros about how to create a wardrobe that allows you to dress chic every day!

Bring out your assets

Every woman has problem areas on their body, which makes it difficult for them to find the right clothes that are matching their own shape. Clothes can help you to hide less perfect points on your body transform your shape into an ideal one. Surprising as it may sound, a properly chosen outfit can do wonders to achieve a figure that is easy to dress and worth of envy. For instance, if you have wide hips, opt for clothes that are flattering on your body, dresses, tops and shirts that hide your slimmest point. This way you can optically create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Try to define the structure of your body, your silhouette in order to determine your individual fit. Understanding your basic proportions will make you able to dress effortlessly chic. When walking into a department store, you will know how to widen your narrow shoulders, or vice versa. This way you will be able to dress your frames, to select the perfect clothes for your shape: narrow shoulders need tops that create optical width, for example boat necks, while broad shoulders call for V-neck blouses. A heavier bottom can be balanced out with an A-line skirt, while women with a narrow hip can benefit from skirts or trousers gathered on the waist. Learn how to narrow or width where your silhouette needs it, to create the illusion of a balanced shape. Celebrity Stylist Fashion Secrets

Don’t be afraid of shapewear!

Shapewear is great because it can give you a firm, sleek silhouette under tight elegant dresses. These pieces of undergarment are very body-friendly, lightweight and invisible under your clothes. Slimming underwear is a miraculous body-shaping item, which can take off a few inches where it is needed without any effort. Find one or two affordable pieces in different colors and styles that fit well on your body.

For maximum comfort choose one that is not too tight and will be comfortable after a few hours. Without any question, shapewear is the foundation of a perfect wardrobe.

Shop for your size

The majority of women tend to buy larger clothes to hide their so-called trouble spots. However, they don’t know that large clothes do nothing else than making them appear bigger than they really are. Wardrobe stylists advise us no to hide behind tons of fabric. The best choice would be to shop for tops that flatter and skim your silhouette. Therefore, when we look for trousers containing lycra, mainly jeans, opt for those that are a bit tight because they will stretch with wear and will suit your body shape perfectly. Celebrity Stylist Fashion Secrets

Purchase basic pieces

Besides the trendiest items, your wardrobe should contain some indispensable, essential pieces that will help you to mix and match outfits for every occasion. Timeless style can offer a good base for your closet. Let’s see a few must-have items for your wardrobe: elegant, white shirts and white t-shirt, pencil skirts and A/line skirts, baler flats and high heels, black sweaters and cardigans in different colors, jeans for heels and jeans for flats, black trousers, sporty jacket and tailored jacket, fall/spring coat and winter coat, classic dress or an LBD. If you purchase these basic items, you can create yourself a varied wardrobe that allows you to alternate your clothes and look trendy and stylish ever day.

Buy a pair of heels you ‘ll love

Stylists say that if you don’t feel comfortable in high heels, find shoes with smaller heels to elongate your figure and add a sophisticated, feminine touch to your look. Heels, even if they are smaller, slimmer you, give you a nice posture, and create great legs as well. You can also look for heels with platform that are more comfortable and offer an additional, gentle support for your feet.

Shop smart!

Regardless of the next season’s fashion, you can always find some amazing timeless pieces on sale at the end of a season. Another great thing is to spice up your look with trendy accessories like structured bags, belts, scarves, jewelry and sunglasses that can complete every stylish outfit. Look for chic boyfriend shirts or boyfriend blazers and pair them with skinny jeans or leggings for a casual-chic and feminine look.

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