Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Shoe and Clutch Collection

Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Shoe and Clutch Collection

The Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Birthday shoes are definitely an ideal gift for fashionistas with a soft spot for astrology. The British shoemaker always has a way of surprising fans with glamourous projects which demonstrate outside the box thinking and the new collection is definitely one of the them. The Charlotte Olympia Cosmic collection brings comfortable and glamorous alternatives which are sure to make a statement every single time. Plus, they’re super walking friendly!

The new Charlotte Olympia zodiac shoes are already available and aim to describe the style personality of each sign. For instance, Aries are said to have “high expectations and even higher heels”. A fashionista born under the Cancer sign, on the other hand. “thinks on her feet”, while a fashionista born under the Aquarius sign is “never afraid to think of something fashion forward”. These elegant Charlotte Olympia ballet flats have a 15 mm/0.5 inches golden heel which add a sense of sophistication to the new looks.

Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Shoe and Clutch Collection

But the real focal point of the new Charlotte Olympia shoes is the Zodiac symbol which embellishes each shoe style and which feature an enamel handpainted zodiac sign which also features Swarovski crystals. The Charlotte Olympia Birthday Shoes collection stands out thanks to its incredible attention to detail and its incredibly gorgeous yet refined allure. All these suede shoes are handcrafted in Italy.

Bag lovers, out there, fear not! There’s also a fabulous selection of zodiac inspired handbags to choose from if you more of a bag person than a shoe person. The good news is that the Charlotte Olympia Cosmic collection is already available on the designer official website an on Though the shoes are available for pre-order, on the label’s website delivery will only start by July 31st, which means you’ll have some time to save up and truly enjoy these babies.

Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Shoe and Clutch Collection Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Shoe and Clutch Collection

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