Choose the Best Swimsuit Fabric

Choose the Best Swimsuit Fabric

Besides size, color and shape there is another very important factor that must influence our swimsuit choice, namely fabric. Do you want to wear your bikinis only this summer, or repeated years? The point is to look at more lasting, quality fabrics in order to feel confident and comfortable when wearing them. The following tips will help you in finding the best swimsuit fabric for this summer.


Swimsuits that contain spandex in their structure tend to provide elasticity and holding to your body. The more it contains the better is for competitive swimming. However not only swimmers can benefit of its advantages. Another advantage is that it has chlorine resistance, to keep your body clean from chemicals. It keeps you cool and is very light even wet.

Those who don’t want their swimsuit to keep their body tightly avoid buying Lycra bikinis. However the greatest advantage of these swimsuits are that they’ll definitely make you look slimmer.

Choose the Best Swimsuit Fabric

This fabric is indeed a high maintenance one, because it can easily damage and run especially in concrete pools.

Low quality spandex swimsuits can become loose and their elasticity diminishes.


Swimsuits made of 100% cotton are very popular. People tend to replace their synthetic clothes with natural fabrics. It’s more healthy than spandex or nylon, and you can find them on the market in several colors, types and with different patterns.

Cotton is a great fabric when it comes to clothing, however it might not give the desired result with bikinis. As it’s a fine fabric, cotton can’t stand the several harmful effects of pool water and sun.

It’s color might fade as time passes and it tends to bunch. Moreover it absorbs the water that’s why it can become a lot heavier than nylon swimsuits.


This fabric is used by the majority of swimwear manufacturers. These swimsuits are fitting and visibly slim your figure. Due to its resistance nylon is very popular, moreover it doesn’t absorb as many liquids as does a cotton swimsuit.

Nylon dries faster than other materials used in swimsuit manufacturing. It is resistant to abrasion and very light both dry and wet. However it has also drawbacks, it can’t stand the damaging effect of the sun, its color might fade.