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Christian Dior Fall 2020 Shoes

Christian Dior Fall 2020 Shoes

John Galliano’s Christian Dior Fall 2020 shoes collection was an explosive ode to colors. In his intention to restore a sense of fantasy to the world, Dior designer sent on the runway model wearing harem pants, jumpsuits, medallioned jewelry, and even a bare bottom.

The show was a true moving rainbow, in its complexity to merge the exotic with the commercial.

The Christian Dior Fall 2020 shoes collection was a marvelous replica and a tribute to Galliano’s latest Spring/Summer collection for 2020. The designer one more succeeded to bring up to the light a collection truly wearable, as his fantastic shoes will surely keep you styling from winter right through to summer.

Christian Dior Fall 2020 Shoes

John Galliano, this visionary artist, proved us all that he is more than able to combine marketing strategies with art and style The Christian Dior Fall 2020 shoes collection finds its particularity in the curved heel, especially with that brocade inspired metal work. Galliano’s latest works have a double platform and, there’s no doubt about it, a towering heel.

Dior presented, for its fall 2020 collection, an Asian-inspired collection, and the shoes followed the same theme. It’s easy to see that just by looking at the Persia bootie in calfskin and napa leather or the Byzance booties.

Christian Dior Fall 2020 ShoesChristian Dior Fall 2020 Shoes

When it comes to style and innovation, John Galliano is one of the most influential designers of our century, creating edgy and avant-garde eyewear, fragrances, handbags, jeans, lingerie, shoes, sneakers, underwear and clothing.

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