Color of the Year 2020: Radiant Orchid

Color of the Year 2020: Radiant Orchid

Work out your color palette for the new year by starting with the most important hue, Radiant Orchid, chosen by Pantone as the Color of the Year 2020. This lovely shade of purple mixes both warm and cool undertones, making it perfectly versatile for clothes, makeup, and even your tasteful home decor.

Radiant Orchid (PANTONE 18-3224) follows Emerald in the yearly Pantone color suggestions, and might end up being even more popular with designers and stylists than this year’s beautiful shade. Inspired by the beauty of exotic flowers, Radiant Orchid brings together pink, fuchsia and purple overtones into a charming shade that’s both inspiring and attractive. 

Color of the Year 2020 in Fashion and Makeup

Designers are already taking note of the new trendy color, and Radiant Orchid has been featured already in collections including Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, Juicy Couture and Yoana Barasch, following the Pantone Spring 2020 color trends forecast. The modern and enchanting shade of purple is truly versatile, and will be spotted next year in a lot more places than just the runway.

Color of the Year 2020: Radiant Orchid(Zoya Harmonie nail polish, L’Oreal Purple Obsession eyehadow, Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn lipstick)

As the Color of the Year in 2020, Radiant Orchid will also pop up in makeup and interior design trends, and thanks to its versatility, this gorgeous shade of purple is flattering to most hair and skin tones, for both men and women. Whether you’re looking for a new eyeshadow or the perfect nail polish, Radiant Orchid can do the job of helping you transition to the trends and palette of the new year.

What to Pair with Radiant Orchid, the Color of the Year in 2020

Unlike Emerald, Radiant Orchid uniquely combines warm and cold undertones making for endless possibilities in matching it with other hues. While it can be paired with other purples, including lavender, this seductive shade is also perfectly complementary to pink and red.

Color of the Year 2020: Radiant Orchid

Other gorgeous combinations that use the Color of the Year 2020 can also include teal, turquoise, and light yellow hues. You can also use this beautiful shade to add energy to softer colors, from olive to neutrals like beige, taupe and gray. You can also pair it with deep greens for a stylish contrast that truly makes this shade of purple shine.

What do you think of Radiant Orchid, the Color of the Year in 2020? Chime in with your comments and let everyone know if you prefer it to this year’s Pantone choice of Emerald.