Dita Von Teese to Launch Premium Lingerie Line For Bloomingdale’s

Dita Von Teese to Launch Premium Lingerie Line For Bloomingdale’s

A premium Dita Von Teese lingerie line will arrive in Bloomingdale’s stores starting with March 15. The partnership between the burlesque star and the brand is a special one as the new Dita Von Teese lingerie collection for Bloomingdale’s will be the diva’s first premium lingerie line for the US market.

The new lingerie collection will take inspiration from various eras, however, influences from the Thirties, Forties and Fifties are among the most notable ones and define the biggest part of the new line. To reflect the different ideas that were involved in creating the new designs, the store will divide the line into various groups: a Parisienne group that will feature ultra feminine pieces, a group that will feature several leopard printed pieces and other groups with suggestive names like Savoir Faire, Her Sexellency, Sheer Witchery and Man Catcher.

The star is very excited about the new partnership with Bloomingdale’s and hopes that her new creations will inspire women to wear lingerie for themselves and not to please other people.

Dita Von Teese to Launch Premium Lingerie Line For Bloomingdale’sDita Von Teese to Launch Premium Lingerie Line For Bloomingdale’s

“It’s so very exciting to be doing this with Bloomingdale’s, because I have a fascination with lingerie and my first job was in a lingerie store. I later created sexy-looking pinups and began collecting vintage lingerie. That’s what sparked my career,” she stated.

She also added that women shouldn’t wait for special occasions to wear their best things: “I don’t put lingerie on for someone else. I put it on because it makes me feel good and ladylike. Even as a little girl it made me feel like a lady…. I’m trying to change women’s lives and their point of view about lingerie because the lines of what’s sexy and what’s not sexy have been blurred…. Why would a woman wait for a special occasion to wear her nicest things? I want to give women accessible glamour with my lingerie collection”.

The new lingerie pieces for the Dita Von Teese for Bloomingdale’s line will have prices between $65 and $100 for bras, $25 to $55 for panties and as much as $400 for a full slip that doubles as a dress, according to WWD.com.

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