Donna Karan Spring 2020 Bags

Donna Karan Spring 2020 Bags

The earthquake marked the talented style prophet and she decided to spend precious time rebuilding the various communities in Haiti. Donna Karan’s latest collection takes a modern turn as she decided to fuse urbane glamor with the artsy prints envisioned by Phillippe Dodard.

Traveling to the devastated Haiti brought a new phase in the fashion policy of this hip designer who claims that the collection also named ‘The Artisan Stroke’ was inspired by her trip to Haiti and the time spend there. Donna Karan claims that, “My two worlds come together…translating the vibrancy of tribal elements into sophisticated, sexy urban clothes.”

Donna Karan Spring 2020 Bags Donna Karan Spring 2020 Bags

Body-consciousness is one of the secret weapons of DK to guarantee the alluring sex-appeal of these ensembles. Accessories prove to be the glam details to add a wow impact to the complete collection. The Donna Karan Spring 2020 handbags were also inspired by Haitian artisans and were labeled by the creator ‘tribal tech’. The outfits drenched into a ‘je ne sais quoi’ vibe radiate the oh-so-characteristic feminine elegance DK popularized with the series of collections.

Minimalism is combined with geometric precision in order to furnish fashionistas with uber-exquisite and original accessories. In order to breathe life into raw leather, the hip designer used a creamy color palette. These cute totes and handbags in brown, bone white and sandy hues will suit all outfits. Team up your casual or party-perfect apparel with these fab ‘it’ fashion items to flaunt your refined taste for unique and original wardrobe staples. Haitian craftsmanship inspired the animal print and zig-zag stitching. Pick your favorite designs according to your preferences for shapes and shades. Give your closet an immediate posh boost with these polished and modern bags.

Donna Karan Spring 2020 Bags Donna Karan Spring 2020 Bags Donna Karan Spring 2020 Bags

Image courtesy of Donna Karan

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