Expensive Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On

Expensive Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On

Shopping is never boring especially since there’s always something out there to buy. However, there are some expensive things that just aren’t worth your money. Smart shopping can not only keep your budget intact but it can also bring a higher dose of satisfaction, so why splurge on things that aren’t worth it when you can make wiser choices and even save to buy something you really need.

Where there’s a demand there’s always an offer and if you’re a shopaholic you need to learn how to make a good investment to avoid going broke. The following expensive things might be tempting, but after a careful analysis you’ll probably reach the same conclusion: there are better alternatives to these expensive things, so you shop smart!

Expensive mascaras

Expensive Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On

There’s something about high end mascaras that makes them so desirable and it’s not just the formula. Keep in mind that a high end brand comes with a price so you’re not just paying for the product you are also paying for the name that’s etched on it. Although not all mascaras are the same, you can surely find cheaper alternatives that can deliver the same results…and at the end of the day no one will be able to tell what mascara brand you’ve got on anyway.

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Super Expensive Facial Creams

We can agree that paying a bit more for a facial cream can mean paying for an increased quality of ingredients most of the time, but when the price is absolutely outrageous…we suggest searching for alternatives. Luxury facial creams have not been proven to work miracles yet, so before you splurge on expensive things that are not worth your money, at least check for reviews on the product to help you determine whether you should splurge or not!

Salon manicure and pedicure

Expensive Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On

Unless you’re really not skilled at painting your own nails you should swap mani-pedi salon trips in favor of DIY nail pampering sessions. A $20 weekly manicure can set you back $960 in just one year, while a bimonthly $35 pedicure will make you take $840 out of your pocket yearly…have them both and you do the math! Maybe now you’d like to check out our DIY nail art designs a bit more often.

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Iconic Designer Handbags

While some would call buying expensive designer handbags an investment, we would call it a fad. Spending $12,000 on a Hermes Birkin 40 bag is simply outrageous. An investment calls for profit over time and we just can’t see how a worn leather bag can increase its value if it’s not owned/signed by anyone famous.

There are various quality super cool bags at a fraction of the price which will carry your belongings in style so this is really an expensive thing you shouldn’t spend your money on!

Expensive Things You Shouldn’t Spend Your Money On

Newly Released Items

Unless they can really aid you in whatever matter you need assistance, buying newly released items (especially electronics or cars) can set you back a pretty penny compared to if you were to wait a few months. Being on trend with the latest gadgets doesn’t come cheap, so unless you really want to be considered hip without caring for your pocket, we suggest waiting a bit until the prices drop to a more reasonable sum.