Fall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints Trend

Fall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints Trend

When analyzing the latest fashion trends we cannot help but wonder which of the main trends we should adopt to be able to stand out. If we think in terms of pattern and color, we can immediately realize that the graffiti fashion trend has all the qualities needed to make us stand out. Graffiti prints could be spotted on many important runways like Diesel Black Gold, Clements Ribeiro, Tory Burch, Cynthia Rowley or Proenza Schouler. The combinations of digitalized prints and artful graffiti might not seem highly innovative in the beginning but it can surely be considered bold and daring as it can be the base of a original and interesting look.

Fall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendClements RibieroFall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendDiesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendDiesel Black GoldFall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendCynthia Rowley

While graffiti prints can be considered reminiscence of the ’80s, this year brings a new perspective on this trend by presenting it in a more modern approach. While graffiti prints can be used to highlight many clothing items and draw attention to many features, most designers have chosen to use these prints on pants or skinny jeans to create a more interesting look. There are several surprising combinations that could be spotted on the runways that have immediately attracted attention.

While combining graffiti prints with solid colors is a safe way to embrace this trend in style this is no longer the only method used to create a fashionable look. Combining different prints in a single outfit or even trying to combine them with a whole different fashion trend were only some of the suggestions various designers incorporated in their creations.

Paired with knitwear, leather jackets or Fall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendProenza SchoulerFall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendDiesel Black GoldFall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendTory BurchFall/Winter 2020 Graffiti Prints TrendProenza Schouler

If changing your skinny jeans in favor of fashionable flared pants that are one of the hottest trends of the season is not exactly your idea of a style upgrade you can hold on to your favorite style by embracing different alternatives that this fashion trend tends to provide generously. If you are reluctant to call graffiti a worthwhile fashion investment for the season, you always have the option of taking the matter in your own hands and to create unique and original designs by perking up a clothing item you already own by using metallic or florescent spray paint.

While this trend might seem like a bit of a challenge at a first glance, the truth is that this is one of the most flexible and versatile trends. Although bright colors are rarely used, the complexity of the patters that can be obtained using this technique is one of the surest ways to stand out by making a daring choice when it comes to fashion. Take inspiration from the styles presented in this article and try a variety of different combinations to be able to access all the possibilities that this trend offers.

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