Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Body

Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Body

Women with an apple shaped body have a generous waist and usually prominent stomach. Large breasts, thin legs, slim arms and narrow hips are generally also characteristic to this body type. Choosing the right clothes your can accentuate your advantageous parts and delicately camouflage those that embarrass you.

The key to having a gorgeous look is to find outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident about your own beauty, focusing on your assets rather than the trouble spots. Read on to find some gorgeous tips in order to dress your apple figure to perfection and make you look fantastic!

Tops V-neck blouses and shirts with lower necklines work really well for your body type while they optically lengthen your body, and create a thinner figure. Finding a perfect bra is of key importance to create a nice shape and draw attention to your cleavage. If you want to look like a real goddess, shop for empire waist shirts and tops with longer shirttail hem to hide your belly and feel comfortable.

Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Body Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Body

Layering is a perfect option for women with apple shaped body. Add a button-down blouse or a tailored jacket over light tanks over delicate camisoles in order to create a visually slimmer your tummy area and add a little volume to your midsection in order to create wonderful, feminine curves instead of looking

Always make sure that your blouses or tops are long enough to cover your hips and hide your less advantageous parts in order to avoid having a muffin top that bulges over your jeans and pants. In order to create a slimmer upper body, avoid wearing chunky clothes, thick sweaters and bulky tops, striking colors and heavy embellishments, which will only make you look bigger than you really are. Go for light, tunic style tops or tees that will wonderfully trim your waistline and create a slimmer silhouette.

Pants In order to emphasize your gorgeous lines, opt for pants that are flat in the front and fasten at one side, in order to avoid adding plus lumps to the tummy area. One of the most advantageous designs are boot cut jeans and wide-legged trousers from a little stretchy material, which create a wonderful, balanced silhouette and hold your tummy nicely. Skinny jeans should be avoided unless you pair them with long tunics to optically slim your look. For a casual occasion, tailored trousers are great choices. Opt for jeans and trousers that match you perfectly and emphasize your nice curves.

Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Body Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Body

Dresses and Skirts A-line dresses and skirts and empire style dresses are one of the most forgiving cuts that can flatter almost any body type, creating a delicate, ultra-feminine shape. These wonderful cuts hide the problematic areas and highlight the most advantageous parts, your gorgeous legs. When you go shopping, opt for skirts with a higher waistline, which will trickily hide your tummy. These dresses and skirts tend to flare towards their bottom, counterbalancing your more prominent waistline and slimming your overall figure.

Choose stretchy fabrics such as cotton because these materials are indulgent to body flaws and fall nicely along the contours of the body, hugging your silhouette and giving a nice shape to your body.

Avoid wearing large, all-over prints and monochromatic outfits is not the best choice for women with an apple shaped body. Break the monotony of your look by spicing up plain outfits with printed items that re-shape your figure and bring life to your dressing style.

Shoes and Accessories In order to complete your look, grab the perfect pair of shoes you feel comfortable wearing. Find shoes that continue the lines of your legs. Opt for pretty shoes with heels, but if you are not used to wearing high heels go for lower heels or wedge heels that show off your great legs. Accessorize your outfit with statement necklaces and intricate earrings to attract attention upwards and accentuate your delicate neckline and cleavage.

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