Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

While talking about plus size fashion you have to think about clothing and accessories as well. Some well chosen outfits and accessories can distract the eye from the problematic parts and highlight the most beautiful parts of your body.

Every woman can look amazing and chic regardless of the size she is wearing. The key is to find the right dressing style and learn a few tricks about how to take advantage of your feminine curves to have a beautiful, attractive look. For an inspiration, take a look at our smart ideas below. Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

1. Vertical lines Wearing outfits with vertical stripes will make you look taller and slimmer. It is a small but very wise trick for creating the illusion of a thinner body.

2. Avoid large, tent-like clothes Many curvy women tend to wear dresses and blouses that are too large for them. These shirts and clothes make nothing else but make you look bigger than you really are and also attract the attention to the areas you would rather hide. Avoid these types of outfits that add more volume to your body. Instead, opt for clothes that fit you well and have a great design for your womanly lines.

3. V-neck blouses and jackets The V-neck designed blouses or sweaters create the illusion of a longer neck and work really well with your body type. Feel free to keep your neckline open with these types of clothes so that they can highlight your beautiful face. Jackets are also great pieces of garment that can give a good shape to your curvy silhouette. These fashion jackets look better if they are open, this way they won’t make you look bigger than you really are.

4. Wear longer A-line skirts Longer skirts that are less wide will make you look slimmer and taller. The best skirt cut for a plus size body type is the A-line skirt. It will give a nice shape to your body and a beautiful look. Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

5. Straight cut jeans or pants are designed for you Straight leg pants give your body a continuous line, making you appear longer and slimmer. If you feel like your hips are too wide, these straight cut jeans are a great option. They fall down from your waist straight to the ankle. Choose a denim with a bit of stretch, this is very comfortable and will fit your body type really well. Try to wear basic or neutral colors like black, brown, gray, dark green or dark blue. It is better to avoid odd colors and striking patterns. Follow the fashion trends and buy block colored items that can be easily matched with each other for every occasion.

6. Leggings Leggings are very comfortable and still popular among younger women. Black leggings combined with a fabulous tunic that fits you well is also a great option to obtain a stylish look. If you do like leggings, it is very important to choose one that matches your style and looks good on you.

7. Accessorize your clothing Selecting the right accessories is as important as the rest of your outfit. Pay attention to how you choose your shoes, bags and accessories. Wearing shoes with heels is obviously a wonderful trick to optically lengthen your body. Of course, most women have difficulties wearing shoes with very high heels. A great option would be to choose a shorter heel and for this reason stacked heels are the most suitable and comfortable types to wear. A smart chosen belt can do wonders to an hourglass shaped figure. Don’t wear jewelry in excess, but a few tasteful accessories can influence the proportions of your body.

If you pay a little attention to these details, you will have less problems with selecting the right outfit for your feminine curves and with obtaining a stunning look. Wear your delicate curves with confidence and be sure that a chic and elegant look will always attract attention.

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Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women