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Fiat 500 ‘Colour Therapy’ Goes ’70s Chic

Fiat 500 ‘Colour Therapy’ Goes ’70s Chic

The free spirited 70s remain a constant source of inspiration for the mainstream trends and lifestyle we notice today. The whole world went through a radical change during this era, and naturally, fashion acted as a reflection of the social events of the times. In the freewheeling 70s new arts have surfaced, gender boundaries have been blurred and rebelling against something became almost mandatory. Hairstyles have also become counter reactions to the rigid social conventions people lived by before and hair becomes the symbol of the generation which wiped out taboos and experiences freedom of self expression.

In the ’70s, hair was also subjected to the free way of thinking and enjoyed great diversity with the new discoveries in hairstyling. More so, haircuts that have been worn exclusively by men are now embranced by women while men have grown their hair long.

Even today, everywhere we look we can find the spirit of the ’70s in clothing, interior design or music, but its influence reaches further than that. Recognized as one of the most stylish city cars, the Fiat 500 gets a fashionable update inspired by the ’70s. The iconic car gets a retro-chic look with 5 stylish paint colors along with some groovy details like the ‘poolball’ gear knob and the white door mirror covers.

To celebrate the launch of the new Fiat 500 Colour range, Fiat is giving you the opportunity to win £500 shopping vouchers! Enter now!

Fiat 500 ‘Colour Therapy’ Goes ’70s Chic

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