Flowers for Your Zodiac Sign

Flowers for Your Zodiac Sign

Flowers have had a powerful relationship with the zodiac ever since the beginnings of astrology, and if you don’t know your birth flower, it’s time to find out which beautiful bloom is related to your your horoscope sign.

Discover the meaning of certain flowers for your zodiac sign, and if you ever find yourself giving a floral arrangement to someone you really care about, don’t miss out and include these special flowers for a truly personalized gift that shows your thoughtfulness and affection.

Aries – Honeysuckle

While honeysuckle represents the generous and enthusiastic side of Aries, some astrologists also say the independent and moody side of this horoscope sign has a special relationship with thistle. Tiger lilies and peppermint flowers also capture the complex essence of an Aries.

Taurus – Poppy

Loyal, patient and generous, Taurus is often linked to red roses, but the true birth flower for this sign is the poppy. The possessive and self-indulging side of a Taurus also relates to, violets and even primulas. The right flowers for your zodiac sign also include foxglove blooms.

Gemini – Lily of the Valley

From the delicate and sweet lily of the valley to the fragrant lavender, Gemini has a knack for beauty and the clever and energetic spirit of people born under this zodiac sign is perfectly captured by these delicate flowers. Azaleas and lilacs are other great choices for Gemini.

Cancer – White Rose

Dependable and caring, Cancer is most often associated with white when it comes to flowers for your zodiac sign. Whether it’s a white rose or a verbena or magnolia, the loyal nature of the Cancer is permanently linked to beautiful and fragrant white flowers.

Leo – Marigold

Sunflower is an important symbol for people born under the sign of Leo, but for flowers you can actually give in a bouquet, marigold is the top choice. The sunny disposition of the Leo instantly connects with simple and open flowers, but the dahlia also appeals to their vain side.

Virgo – Morning Glory

Analytical and precise, Virgo is attracted to small shapes and bright colors. Morning glory leads the pack of flowers for your zodiac sign, but asters and cherry flowers also capture the Virgo’s reliable, but sometimes inflexible side. Buttercups are another great choice for Virgo.

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Libra – Bluebell

Everybody loves big roses, but if you want to capture the truly unique spirit of the Libra, bluebells are the right choice. Hydrangeas also appeal to the peaceful and idealistic Libra, but mint flowers are another great option to highlight the graceful side of people born under this horoscope sign.

Scorpio – Chrysanthemum

Perfectly symbolizing the layered personality of the Scorpio, chrysanthemums are the best flowers for your zodiac sign. The dynamic and passionate side of the Scorpio is usually attracted to deeper shades of red and other suitable flowers for this sign include geraniums, anemones and rhododendrons.

Sagittarius – Narcissus

Sometimes coming off as too self-centered because of their love for independence, people born under the sign of the archer most easily connect with the narcissus. Dandelions and peonies are other great choices, along with sage flowers.

Capricorn – Carnation

Always organized, Capricorns truly connect with carnations, as the right flowers for your zodiac sign also represent ambition and strong will. Ivy flowers, pansies and even camellias can represent the good and the bad sides of a Capricorn, from their resourceful side to their more dictatorial tendencies.

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Aquarius – Orchid

Inventive and original, anyone born under the sign of Aquarius can easily feel a love for orchids, flowers that are truly unique and often unconventional. Other flowers that fit the vibe of anyone born under this horoscope sign include trillium and goldenrod.

Pisces – Water Lily

Devoted and compassionate, Pisces has water lily as a birth flower. The deep hidden roots of this flower symbolize the way some people born under the sign of Pisces draw ideas from the people surrounding them. Other flowers for your zodiac sign include clematis and yarrow.

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