Gold Necklace Designs in 10 Grams – Latest and Traditional Models

Indian women have a great passion for gold jewellery, especially necklaces. They love to wear a variety of necklaces being specific for every occasion. Here are the best collection of gold necklace designs in 10 Grams that will be trending right now.

New and Beautiful Gold Necklace Designs In 10 Grams with Images:

Here are a few traditional collections of gold necklace patterns in 10 grams that are found to be trending in society at present.

1. Simple Floral Gold Necklace:

Simple Floral Gold Necklace

This is a Simple Gold necklace of 10 gm with delicate flowers & leaves patterns. It has a mehendi type design which can match up with the mehendi at any wedding. This one will be a simple way to wear a necklace in a lightweight pattern.

2. Three Tier Chain Necklace:

Three Tier Chain Necklace

A very delicate Three Tier Chain Necklace. It has three chains of different lengths joined together at the top. You can wear it plain or even attach small pendants or even add your name to the chain. This is a very stylish and mod necklace to accompany your western outfit. This one will be nice choice always for your regular use.

3. Butterfly Gold Necklace:

Butterfly Gold Necklace

This is an Exquisite piece of Gold Necklace. It has a gold butterfly studded with a red stone embedded into a thick gold chain. It has an alluring breathtaking look. Just wear it for any occasion and all the heads will surely turn to look at you. Butterfly pattern gives a catchy look on this necklace.

4. Gypsy Gold Necklace:

Gypsy Gold Necklace

This is a unique and gorgeous Gyspy Necklace. This is very eye-catching and goes well with western outfits as well as Indian outfits. It is very trendy and has a highly sophisticated look. It has a gold-plated metal fringe with cool-coloured stones. This gives a better look on your neck, girls who love to try the new pattern in necklace collections then get these 10 gm gold necklace designs for your stylish look.

5. Rose Gold Necklace:

Rose Gold Necklace

This one is a mesmerising Rose – 10 gm gold necklace. It has a beautifully carved rose gold pendant and the leaves to the side forming chain. The intricate designs give it a magical look. Rose pattern is famous among women’s so those ladies who love to wear this then get this one from your husband on next valentine.

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6. Raani Haar:

Raani Haar

This piece is traditional jewellery. Nowadays, this traditional piece is being modernized for today’s woman. A pendant with exquisite meenakari work to one side gives the traditional necklace a contemporary look. This 10-gram gold necklace set is the perfect jewellery to adorn you for weddings and receptions. Those men are who wants to give a something heavy and rich necklace to their wife then this type of necklace pattern is the best way to gift her.

7. Gold Choker Necklace:

old Choker Necklace

This is an Ultra-modern piece of Jewelry. This gold choker has a newfangled design. It is curved – plain on the one-half side and intricate designs on the other. Numerous gold flower tinted with colours is hung at the centre. Red-coloured gemstone gives a traditional and rich look to this choker necklace; you will get these one necklace in 10 grams sure.

8. Long Lakshmi Coin Gold Necklace:

Long Lakshmi Coin Gold Necklace

A traditional piece and a typical south Indian type of jewellery. It has many gold coins with Goddess Lakshmi picture that are line together. Generally worn during weddings, this set gives a divine appearance to the one wearing it. This type of 10-gram necklace design will be a good collection for any festival and this is the best necklace for those women’s who wants to try south Indian designer collections in a necklace.

9. Gold Chain Necklace with Lakshmi Pendant:

Gold Chain Necklace with Lakshmi Pendant

This is a long Gold chain with a Goddess Lakshmi pendant. Two beautiful peacocks at the side of the goddess. Colourful stones on the peacocks give it captivating appearance. This jewellery can be worn for home functions or pujas. Laxmi pendant will be a nice choice to gift to your any family member or relative on festive seasons.

10. Pearl & Floret Gold Necklace:

Pearl & Floret Gold Necklace

This is a very simple and dainty necklace. A single Rose flower to one end with a trailing string of pearls. It has a subtle and graceful look. It can be worn for events in the office as well. Those women’s are busy in their office time and if they want to use something like a necklace, then this one nice idea of 10 grams necklace design.

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11. Thin Gold Chain with Leaf pendant:

Thin Gold Chain with Leaf pendant

This is a perfect executive jewellery a thin long gold chain which is attached with two small chains with gold leaf pendants by a ring. It can be worn on the suit during the presentation.

12. Single Pearl Gold Necklace:

Single Pearl Gold Necklace

This one is a thin and single short gold chain with a single medium-sized pearl in the centre. It has a frail wispy look and a perfect daily wear jewellery piece. It can be paired with single pearl studs for the ears or also a thin long chain earring with one pearl at the end.

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13. Bullet Pendant Necklace:

Bullet Pendant Necklace

If you are looking for your daily wear gold necklace below 10 grams collections, then this is a daily wear jewellery item which you will surely like. This is a thin chain with bullet pendants at the end. A dressed to kill look when matched with business suits.

14. Studded Choker Necklace:

Studded Choker Necklace

A thin chain with stones studded worn tight. It can be used as office wear as well as for parties and evening get together. It has a dignified look.

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15. Snake Pattern Gold Necklace:

Snake Pattern Gold Necklace

This one is the Latest and trendy patterns among the younger generation. This is thin long gold snake attachment just perfect for the evening party to wear with your favourite black gown. It gives a perfect – “Don’t mess with” kind of a look.

Necklaces are the passion of all women – all age groups. Be it old, young or even a college-going teenager, they don’t seem to forget to wear their favourite necklace. They have different choices and their choices are met by the different patterns and designs available readily nowadays in 10 gm.

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