Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Most grooms like to have a reduced role when it comes to wedding planning, letter their better half make all the important decisions. No matter what kind of approach you’re taking when it comes to your wedding, find out what responsibilities you can’t avoid.

Discover the groom’s guide to wedding planning and get prepared to help your future bride in the right ways. You can easily escape having to make decisions on flowers and fonts, as long as you get involved in the essentials.

Tackle the Budget Head On

Most wedding planners let the couples know that basically every wedding goes over budget. Even if you think you have everything under control, expect to go over your initial plans for up to 20%. Make sure you’re on the same page as your bride, but prepare for the worst when it comes to that. 

Maybe the most important piece of advice in the groom’s guide to wedding planning is to be honest with the budget, instead of swooping in later and messing your loved one’s plans.

Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

Honestly is also the best way to go when you’re discussing your involvement in the wedding planning. Sit down with your fiancée and discuss which decisions you’ll make together, which are left entirely up to her and what your responsibilities will be. Keep it real and don’t make promises you can’t keep and then let her down during tense times in the wedding planning process.

Don’t Ignore the Essentials

Usually, the bare minimum of shared decisions entails three big ones: date, venue and guest list. Make an effort to talk to your most important guests to figure out the best date for your side of the wedding, but come up with a few alternatives. The venue is very important to the budget, especially if you can’t use a separate caterer or bring your own alcoholic beverages. As for the guest list, make sure you have a ranking of the people you want to invite.

Take Charge of the Groomsmen

Proper etiquette in the groom’s guide to wedding planning says the first people on your list of groomsmen should be your brother and your brides brothers. You don’t have to make either the best man, but don’t leave them out unless there’s a very good reason to. Once you’ve got your team assembled, start dropping hints about your bachelor party.

Follow Through With Your Responsibilities to Your Guys

Just because you picked your best man and groomsmen doesn’t mean you’re off the hook yet. You’re also responsible for their gifts. Pens and flasks are such classics that you should stay clear of them. Depending on your budget, go for cufflinks, tie bars or simple and elegant leather goods.

Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Get Involved In the Registry

Unless you’ve always dreamed of owning more dinnerware than you can store, be an active participant in the decision making process for the registry. According to the groom’s guide to wedding planning, you still have to let your fiancée register more gifts, since she’s also taking a bigger part in the planning process. However, be sure to mention honeymoon funds as an option and of course, big retailers like Amazon.

Write Your Own Vows

If your future bride is dead set on traditional vows, you’re off the hook. However, you shouldn’t breathe an audible sigh of relief. This is the most important opportunity to declare your love for her in front of your families and friends, so don’t pass it up without a second through. If you do decide to write your own vows, focus on simplicity and honesty.

Plan the Honeymoon

Even if you manage to avoid most responsibilities in the groom’s guide to wedding planning, the honeymoon can’t be ignored. Unlike the nuptials, where you have so many people’s opinions and needs to consider, the honeymoon is just about the two of you. As newly weds, you’ll definitely need your rest after the big day, but don’t book a very long vacation on a beach with no activities. After you rest for a few days you’ll get bored, so make sure you have a plan for activities and adventures, possibly even in a different location.

Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

Provide Moral Support

No matter if you take a big or small role in the wedding planning, your biggest job is to provide moral support to your future bride. Even if you ignore everything else in the groom’s guide to wedding planning, make sure you’re always there to lend an ear to your partner and leave aside all sarcasm, no matter how silly her worries seem to you.

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