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Hide Your Wide Hips with 10 Simple Tips

Hide Your Wide Hips with 10 Simple Tips

If you have wide hips, you probably need a bit of help to find the most flattering outfits. With the right tips on how to hide your wide hips, you’ll be able to cut down on shopping time and know exactly what to look for as soon as you enter a store.

Discover the best tips and rules on how to create flattering proportions when you want to hide your wide hips. Remember, it’s never about buying loose fitting clothes that hide your body. You simply need to use a few visual tricks to downplay your hips and feel great about how you look.

Emphasize You Upper Body

The easiest way to create the perfect hourglass proportions if you have wide hips is to accentuate your shoulders and torso. If you already have broad shoulders, focus on your décolletage. A deep V-neck, a chunky necklace or a bright scarf are excellent options. For narrow shoulders, you might benefit from wearing small shoulder pads.

Hide Your Wide Hips with 10 Simple Tips

Use Color to Your Advantage

One of the best ways to hide your wide hips is to use a darker colored bottom and a lighter or brighter top. Don’t restrict your choice of dark colors to just slimming black. You can use plenty of shades that also add a touch of color, from taupe and indigo to dark grey or a deep navy blue.

Find the Right Fabrics

Billowy fabrics can easily make your hips look even bigger so make sure you choose the right fabrics for your bottoms and longer tops. A soft linen or a lightweight wool are great choices. Remember to also avoid any loud prints in the hip area and stay far away from horizontal stripes that add more width.

Layering Correctly

Belting is one of the best tricks for showing off your waist and it also helps you hide wide hips. You can take layering much further to hide your wide hips by wearing two tops. Go for soft fabrics to get a floating effect at the hips by layering if you want to downplay them correctly.

Wear the Right Tops

Believe it or not, accentuating your waist doesn’t make your hips looks bigger, it actually helps to create a pleasing hourglass figure. A top without a well defined waist just hangs there and shows off your hips more. Try button-down shirts that hit at mid-hip. If they’re too short and hit above, they’ll highlight your hips.

Hide Your Wide Hips with 10 Simple Tips

Go for Belted Dresses

A belted dress is a great way to create visually pleasing proportions and it’s an especially great choice when you want to hide your wide hips. You can go for wide or thin belts, anything that highlights your waist, but the length of the dress of very important. Right around the knees is best, and wrap around dresses, tight on top, but with a flared skirt, are the best for your figure.

Choose High-Waisted Skirts

Forget about low-rise jeans if you feel you want to draw attention away from your hips. One of the best ways to accentuate the things you love about your figure is with a high waisted skirt. Make sure the skirt hits the thinnest area of your waist for a good fit and pair it with a fitted top tucked into the skirt.

Try Wide-Legged Trousers

Loose tops and dresses should be skipped when you want to hide your wide hips, but pants with wide legs are actually a great way to downplay your hips. Of course you’ll look best in dark colored trousers with a lighter top, and once you find the right pair, you won’t have any more worries when it comes to wide legged pants.

Hide Your Wide Hips with 10 Simple Tips

Select the Right Jackets

When you’re shopping for jackets or coats, make sure they never hit in the mid-hip area. Just like regular tops, jackets should be a good fit and emphasize the waist. Any excess fabric will show off your hips, so stay on the slim side when it comes to coats. Go for darker shades and tailoring that flows away around the waist.

Finding the Best Shoes

Footwear can also play a part in your overall proportions so don’t ignore them. Flats can accentuate your hips, especially if you have short legs. If you want to hide your wide hips go for a feel, from a stiletto to more chunky heels. Pointy toes can also contribute to the elongating effect, making your hips look less noticeable.

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