H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2020 Collection

H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2020 Collection

After Mathew Williamson’s recent collaboration with H&M, where colors made a truly explosion, it’s time we see what’s hot these days.

H&M released his latest Divided exclusive fall 2020 collection, and it seems that everybody loved it, wishing it was cold again, just to be able to wear some H&M pieces.

Besides the affordability of this line, compared with other brands, this line is unique in its way. Sharp voluminous shoulders and sleeves, which can easily be found also at Yves Saint Laurent, studs, lace faux leather, fingerless gloves – this collection surely rocks the fashion world.

H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2020 Collection

And there’s more: motorcycle jeans, studded cuff bracelets, leggings, suede vests, black on black floral jacket and velvet puff sleeve dress.

H&M Divided exclusive Fall 2020 collection can be described as a little but trashy, a little bit punk, with great attitude, sexy and decadent, due to its cut-outs, fabrics and style. So, while bring it hard, H&M manages to remain a reputed brand and also a very accessible one, along with Topshop. H&M surely made a strong impression with its grungy, ’90s-biker-chic vibe.

H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2020 CollectionH&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2020 Collection

It’s the story of the bad girl gone crazy wild, so, if you’re looking to keep the heads turning this season, it’s definitely the collection to consider!

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