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House of Harlow Jewelry Fall 2020 Collection

House of Harlow Jewelry Fall 2020 Collection

Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 collections have enjoyed quite a lot of success until now. The upcoming season will be bringing other fun House of Harlow jewelry pieces which will undoubtedly tempt hard core fashionistas and fans of the star. The new options range from relatively discreet to bold, bringing a generous palette of options which instantly bring a sophisticated touch to a multitude of looks. If last year’s choices showed a clear preference towards fierceness and grungy accents, this fall the options are much more balanced.

The House of Harlow 1960 jewelry collection for fall 2020 shows a return to the star’s musical roots and a fairly well defined tendency towards the abstract patterns and geometric shapes. Though the House of Harlow 1960 line is meant to be an extension of Nicole Richie’s style personality and not necessarily a trendy choice for the season, the star’s offerings for the new season are surprisingly well aligned with the style direction the biggest names in the industry have adopted.

The new line consists of classy necklaces, eclectic earrings, sophisticated high impact bracelets. Each piece has a special element which sets it apart from the rest of the offerings, which is why it’s incredibly difficult to single out the best pieces of the new line, which is extremely comprehensive especially when compared to other celebrity lines which revolve around a well defined theme. Each jewelry piece matches the mood of the new season to perfection bringing just the right amount of drama, edginess and sophistication.

House of Harlow Jewelry Fall 2020 Collection

Those who love a bit of color will definitely find the new pieces a classy alternative which can instantly satisfy such needs. The great variety of options that exists in the new collection ensures that both fashionistas looking for accessories for long term and women who are more concerned with living in the moment can find spectacular options to meet their style goals.

House of Harlow Jewelry Fall 2020 Collection House of Harlow Jewelry Fall 2020 Collection

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