How to Break in Leather Sandals

How to Break in Leather Sandals

As the hot season approaches, it’s time to pack those boots away and get a pair of summer sandals. Sandals gain popularity, however we might face some troubles when buying a fabulous new pair of summer sandals. I’m sure everyone knows what a stiff sandal can do to our feet. That’s why look at the following tricks to break in your brand new sandals.

– You don’t have to torture your feet until they get used to your new sandals. There is remedy for these problems. The first step is extremely important, buy shoes that fit your size. Don’t buy smaller or larger pairs, just because they look amazing. You can easily damage your toes, feet and posture.

– If you prepare for a long walk or night out don’t opt for brand new shoes. You might not be able to switch them when you feel uncomfortable and start to hurt with every step you take. Experiment with these on a short walk or even in your home. It is also useful if you put on your sandals and step into a bucket of cold water.

How to Break in Leather Sandals

– Make a few steps with them while wet, this will soften the leather. Soon it will adopt the shape of your feet. Be careful with the fabric if its colored leather it might stain your feet. Test it beforehand and remove the excessive moisture, leaving them wet.

– Leather sandals tend to be very stiff, due to the quality of this particular material, that’s why it is advised to purchase a moisturizer. It’s like human skin; you must not let it dry out completely, as this might ruin them.

How to Break in Leather Sandals

– There are special creams and solutions to care for your leather sandals. Pour some onto a cotton swab and rub them with it; let them dry then put on the sandals.

– Hand creams can also offer some remedy for your blisters and other injuries. Try to rub some hand or body lotion onto the straps or surface of your sandals making leather more manageable. Do this a day before you plan to wear your summer footwear.

– Test your sandals by wearing them inside the house. Put on some socks to protect your feet, walk as much as you can with them, in the house or outside – until your feet gradually get used to wearing sandals. If the soles of your shoes are slippy, rub them with a bit of sandpaper. If they’re sticky give them a shot of baby powder. Finally if you planned to go on a longer trip, have some emergency tools in your bag, like plasters for painful blisters.

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