How to Do a Clothing Swap Party

How to Do a Clothing Swap Party

Unlike the regular yard sale, a clothing swap offers you the chance to invite your friends over and get to catch up. This way, you’ll get to both clean your closet and find out what they’ve been up to lately.

Clothing Swap Party Rules: Choose the End of the Season to Host It

This is one of the most important clothing swap party rules. You should choose the end of the season to host this special gathering because this is usually the moment when you clean out your closet. You want to add fashionable pieces to your wardrobe, and who knows, you might get to find something you like at your party. Bearing this in mind, start inviting your friends and don’t forget to ask them to RSVP.

Hosting a Clothing Swap Party: Bring Things in Good Condition

When it comes to hosting a clothing swap party, it’s recommended to bring things that are in good condition. You should pick your clothes and wash them. Moreover, if you’re planning to give up your vintage pair of jeans, make sure to check and clean the pockets. Who knows, there might be some important things forgotten. Plus, it would be best to gently remind your friends about this party rule.

How to Do a Clothing Swap Party

How to Hold a Clothing Swap Party: Mix Clothes with Accessories

Another great step in learning how to hold a clothing swap party is to focus on mixing clothes with accessories. You probably have some items you don’t wear anymore, like handbags or hair pieces. Considering this, you should gather your pieces of clothing and sort them by size. Fold them piece by piece and don’t forget to bring the accessories that match these clothes.

Clothing Swap Party Ideas: Pick the Best Trading System

Choosing the best trading system should also be included among the most important clothing swap party ideas. You should start by taking turns when shopping. That being said, just draw straws and pick who gets to shop first. Besides that, you should make sure to limit the number of clothing items to three per each participant. Thus, you’ll keep the swapping process fair. Last but not least, try to make sure that everyone goes home with the same number of items they bring to the party.

How to Do a Clothing Swap Party

Clothing Swap Party Rule: Children’s Items

Just think about it. Does one of your friends have children? In that case, you should take a look at this interesting clothing swap party rule. It’s recommended to arrange those items you’re planning to give away so that the parents will easily find them. And one great way to do so is to sort them by age.

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