How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

You are invited to a cocktail party but don’t really know how to dress to feel comfy and look elegant and sexy at the same time. There are plenty of possibilities since you don’t have to dress too formal or too casual. When it comes to cocktail party attire, the key is to keep it simple and classy still chic and feminine.

Cocktail parties are of different types and there is no such a thing as one perfect outfit for these occasions. Although, generally the basic attire that is suitable for nearly every similar event is an elegant dress, but not a super-short style or a formal evening gown. The main principle is to look sophisticated and feel comfortable. Check out the following ideas and find inspiration about what to wear to the next cocktail party so that you can have a stunning look. How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

In the majority of cases, the invitation itself might be very telling. First of all think about how did you received it. If you were invited via e-mail or telephone, it will probably be a more casual event. However, if you received a formal invitation, choose an elegant dress that matches the occasion.

Cocktail parties can usually be categorized in two types: the so-called “black tie” parties and “white tie” parties. Black tie occasions call for formal clothing, a tuxedo for men as well as an elegant dress for women, just above the ankles, that shows off your femininity but leaves the rest to the imagination. A classic little black dress or a longer classy dress will make you look gorgeous and feel comfortable as well. Create stylish combinations by matching elegant silk pants and beaded tops. Some well-chosen accessories such as refined jewelry, shoes or bags will complement perfectly any outfit and any occasion, making you look like a real diva. When it comes to white tie events, men can match black pants with white shirts, a white vest or a white tie, but an elegant black tailcoat will also work great on such occasions. Long, formal gowns are a must for women on white tie parties.

If you are preparing for a less formal event, lightweight or soft, stretchy fabrics will look amazing on you. One of the most important things is to choose the fabric of your dress or clothing according to the actual weather. For the fall and winter months, choose wool-blends, whereas for the spring-summer season opt for silk, satin or other lightweight dresses or skirts.

How to Dress for a Cocktail Party How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

If your work requires formal attire, try to add some twist and excitement to your regular look. Purchase a nice spaghetti strap dress or a strapless dress and match it with a stylish, feminine cardigan and accessorize your look with a pair of fabulous stilettos or slingback pumps, depending on the season.

If you receive a cocktail party invitation via e-mail or telephone, it will most likely be a more casual event, so you can dress into a smart casual outfit, or a business casual outfit. Although you can even receive a formal invitation by e-mail, which means that you have to select more sophisticated clothes that match a fancier occasion.

A-line sundresses are perfect choices for weekend cocktail parties. For an extra attitude and originality opt for printed fabrics, such as a nice and feminine floral pattern dress. In case the event is planned for a weekend evening, you should opt for a more sophisticated look. Wear an elegant still attractive dress, which is suitable for the occasion. A satin empire-waist dress is and excellent way to create a classy, still sexy and stylish cocktail party outfit. Match it with a nice silk shoulder wrap to keep you warm on cooler summer evenings. Accessorize your look with exciting dangle earrings and match your handbag to the color and style of your attire.

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