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How to Dress for a Rock Concert

How to Dress for a Rock Concert

Regardless of your age, you might be interested how to come up with ingenious outfit ideas when preparing for a rock concert. Indeed, some would take the safest combination of T-shirt and jeans, others would like to attract the popping eyes of their entourage with a surprising ensemble. Casual clothes as well as more specific accessories can be fused into a single attire which echoes the all time heritage of rock bands. Whether you are heading for a reunion or the show of a rising band, the point is to pair the right look with the perfect atmosphere. Therefore, keep all doors open for brand new outfits that will certainly drag all eyes on you. These are some of the most essential tips to look smashing on a rock concert.

The Scene: Make sure you take into account all the essential details of the scene where the concert will take place. It’s not a novelty that outdoor and indoor shows differ a lot both in circumstances and atmosphere. Therefore, consider your options, whether sporting a skirt or a dress would fit an outdoor performance or it’s wiser to wear your ageless jeans. The pre-planning process should begin with this phase that will pretty much determine your whole outfit. Opt for a casual chic look if the concert is organized outdoors and during the rainy season, also the summer can be harsh if you flash some skin and expose your body to the UV rays.

How to Dress for a Rock Concert How to Dress for a Rock Concert

Tops: In this case professionals advise you to adopt a casual chic look. Those who would like to go for the safest version might rely on the simplicity and stylish allure of a T-shirt. This should suit your body shape and size. Devoted fans can go for the band tops that have the picture of the performers on it. However, if you consider it so ’80s, make sure you wear something creative, with digital art patterns and prints. These will perk up your look on the spot.

Moreover, you can also bring your favorite hoodie with you. These will not only offer protection from the cozy weather if the concert is outdoors, but will also look unique when paired with the right pants, makeup and hairstyle. Choose the right patterns with care, rock equals black, skulls and all that is related to the dark side. Therefore, skip the Hello Kitty patterns, bows and hearts. These will only make you look an amateur.

How to Dress for a Rock Concert How to Dress for a Rock Concert

Pants: The rock chic look perfectly fits skinny jeans. Therefore, regardless of your body shape, have at least two pairs of similar jeans designs in your wardrobe. These paired with the right top either printed or mono-colored will create a relaxed and at the same time stylish look. Jeans as well as leather will also prove to be the best option to complete your outfit. Choose between the various must have jeans types and washes to widen the array of your options. There’s no need to stick to dark washes since your top can perfectly flash your style-consciousness. Distressed jeans are also some of the top favorite choices of stylists when organizing a rock chic outfit. These are apparently ripped and stained, but still have a high quality look. Go for them if you feel confident enough to express your fondness for a relaxed look.

How to Dress for a Rock Concert How to Dress for a Rock Concert

Shoes: Stilettos and sandals are among the great ‘no-no’ style items of rock concerts. The ideal shoes for a similar outing would be either distressed still high quality converse or sneakers. These offer you the chance to dance and walk with confidence. Moreover, these designs perfectly complement a rock chic look. However, if you want to live on the wild side, you can also sport some ultra-pop boots. These either normal or over-the-knee boots will give you a Kate Moss allure and an authentic flair to your look. These perfectly fit skinnies and a simple top. It would be a pity to generate any type of accident, therefore make sure you wear what your can walk in rather than testing your limits and skills.

Accessories: Rock concerts might be often associated with endless accessories. However, it seems that great stylists agree that it is more advisable to cut back on the number of jewelry and other details. Instead, choose the basic pieces moderately that would make a statement on their own without having to pile more of them. A statement or fantasy necklace as well as a few silver or leather bracelets work just as fabulously. Consider your overall look, if your top is printed in vivid colors it is advisable to skip the necklace and concentrate on your shoes as well as bags and other basic elements. Choose a simple earring and skip the chandelier style. You don’t want to be over-styled and look like a rookie.

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