How to Make Hijab In Trendy Styles Step By Step At Home

Simply hearing the word hijab brings up an image of girls wearing lovely scarfs on her head. It is a tradition to wear hijab in Muslims; however, it is now also carried out by a number of fashion policewomen to give out a different standardized appearance. When it comes to how to make hijab, women generally prefer to wear it according to the shape of their face.

How To Make Hijab In Different Styles:

Here are some tips of getting that flawless look while you make your own hijab style,

1. Hijab for Oval Shaped Face:

Hijab for Oval Shaped Face

When it comes to how make hijab style for an ovular face, Lebanese style is an ideal one to go with. The hijab is tied on the side while the fall of the end is kept on the front side for a beautiful look mostly over casual.

2. Hijab Styles for Long Face:

Hijab Styles for Long Face

Turkish style for how to make hijab at home gives a design that includes embroidery in the form of hair band accessories. After wearing the hijab and giving it a knot on the side, the hijab is given a decorative look with a head band accessory to keep the hijab firm.

3. Hijab for Round Face:

Hijab for Round Face

For those having round face cut, you need to know how to make hijab step by step with a tight texture near the cheekbones. The face needs a tight-fitting, with a knot on the side of the neck. The leftover two ends are kept on front and the back side cover a good portion.

4. Heart Face Hijab Styles:

Heart Face Hijab Styles

For the women having a heart like shaped face, the face tight look is the best to make hijab styles. The hijab is given complete fitting on the sides of the face, while it is left open from below to show off the sharp chin. The left-over end is wrapped around the neck and drafted backward.

5. Hijab for Chubby Cheek Face:

Hijab for Chubby Cheek Face

When you are thinking about how we can make hijab for the girls with chubby cheeks, the minimalist style would be an ideal style for the women. All you need to do is cover up the head and a neck portion, leaving the side end on one of the hands with twists on the neck.

6. Diamond Face Hijab Styles:

Diamond Face Hijab Styles

The turban styles hijab has been much in trend to that perfect diamond shape. It gives a flaunt look when the complete attention is grabbed by the face. The hijab is made on the top of the head, with a number of twists and curves.

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7. Square Face Hijab Styles:

Square Face Hijab Styles

This kind of how to make hijab at home for a square face is to provide with a loose fitting below the neck. You can also add a cap on the head side, giving a number of lose fitting on the lower side of the face.

8. Triangular Face Shape Hijab Designs:

Triangular Face Shape Hijab Designs

The women having triangular face are quite lucky as nearly all the hijab styles would suit them. However, such women widely go for a loose hijab style. The hijab is also given a triangular shape when worn covering the face and simply folding at the neck without pins.

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9. Hijab for Every Face:

Hijab for Every Face

When it comes to how to make hijab pins, the hijab with side knot is the best to carry. The hijab is given tight fitting using internal folds and given a three-layer look among which, the prime is the cap and other two of the hijab. The side knot adds to its beauty.

Just as hijab is worn according to the shape of the face, it is also worn according to the occasion. Hence, you can also make your own hijab style giving them cute charms. For weddings, the hijab is also available as per the gown of dress selected by the brides.

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