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How to Wear Cropped Pants

How to Wear Cropped  Pants

Cropped pants are one of those classic items that never seem to go out of style. Different variations of cropped pants always seem to find their way on the most important runways being one of the most beloved fashion items available.

In fact, for the summer of 2020 the cargo pants seem to have become a leading trend being. On the other hand, despite of the popularity of this wardrobe staple many women feel hesitant when it comes to wearing cropped because of the common misconception that they are only suitable for those who have long legs.

However, this idea is not entirely true. While it’s true that those who have lean long legs might be able to wear a variety of cropped pants styles, there’s no reason to give up the thought of wearing these versatile pants even if do not fit precisely in this template. The important thing is learning which styles should be avoided and what are the things that we should look for depending on our personal characteristics to be able to make the best choice that will allow us to look stylish on every occasion.

How to Wear Cropped  Pants How to Wear Cropped  Pants How to Wear Cropped  Pants How to Wear Cropped  Pants

For example, if you are petite you should stay away from baggy styles as this style will not flatter your silhouette in any way. Instead, it will only make your legs appear shorter which is the last thing you want. Capri pants on the other hand might prove to be a much better choice. The length of of the pants is also important. A style that reaches the ankle line will prove to be the best alternative as it will give the illusion of length. Try pairing them with wedges or high heels to be able to look taller and slimmer at the same time.

Perhaps the most challenging cropped pants style is the cuffed pants style as this is one of the styles that can look disastrous if not worn properly. Cuffed pants tend to look extremely unflattering on women who have short legs because they emphasize the shortness even more. On the other hand pants that are plain and tapered tend to be much more flattering due to the fact that they provide a straight line which is more suitable for most women.

How to Wear Cropped  Pants How to Wear Cropped  Pants

The length is also essential for creating a flattering look. As a general rule, you should never choose a style that ends precisely on the areas you tens to feel self-conscious about as this choice will tend to emphasize that area even more. Another important idea is that you should always aim to maintain an adequate proportion when wearing cropped pants. If you choose a baggy style of pants make sure that you pair it with a nice fitting top to make sure that you emphasize your body shape in a proper way. For a more elegant outfit, adding a summer jacket is a good idea for a more modern touch.

Depending on the outfit you choose you can also pair cropped pants with ballet flats, gladiator sandals or even sneakers. However, it’s best to avoid shoes with chunky heels because they tend to make the calves appear larger. Also if you the color you choose can also help you mask some of the problems you might have on the lower part of the body. If you tend to be curvy on the lower side and you would like to make a few inches disappear then your best bet might be to make sure that you avoid printed pants especially large prints that might draw attention on the parts you are not so proud of.

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How to Wear Cropped  Pants

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