Jessica Simpson Covers New York Magazine

Jessica Simpson Covers New York Magazine

This time Jessica Simpson decided to take a more funny and playful perspective and do the editorial for the New York Magazine envisioned by photographer Ruven Afanador. The article tells about her ever growing fortune earned due to her numerous style collaborations which made her one of the most influential celebs turned designer.

Jessica Simpson covers New York Magazine and more, she also offers details about her private life in an interview given to Amy Larocca. This year thanks to the huge popularity of the Jessica Simpson Collection the beloved singer is about to earn $1 billion. However, she doesn’t stop at the confessions only about her new career path but she also talks about how she met her fiance Eric Johnson and the way he proposed.

Jessica Simpson Covers New York Magazine

It seems that she found again the love of her life in the person of Eric Johnson and the proposal was made quick and in a fairy tale style. Jessica Simpson relates about the special moment that: “It was a complete shock, a beautiful shock. It felt great for somebody to be on his knee, and I had to sit on that knee because I was so excited and overwhelmed I couldn’t even stand.

Knowing that I had his knee to sit on in that moment was very magical. The way I always wanted it to be.” Indeed she also reveals to the magazine the circumstances of meeting Eric: “Was it love at first sight? No. I don’t know if I believe in that. But it was definitely I could love this man. And maybe I already do.”

Besides being joyful for her private life success, Jessica Simpson will also have the chance to enjoy the admiring glimpses thanks to her rising career in fashion industry. Talking about her collection which will be completed with a Ready-to-wear as well as a “career separates” she claims that: “I never thought I’d be some fashion mogul!”.

Jessica Simpson Covers New York Magazine

The additional lines will definitely contribute to her constantly growing fortune a fact that makes her feel in seventh heaven. Thanks to her down-to-earth objectives when it comes to fighting her way through the parade of other great designs, Jessica managed to come up with the idea of an all age group- and silhouette-suitable line. She reveals to New York Magazine that: “We try not to set trends, but you need your trending pieces in every delivery”, “But those go fast: What you really need is your basics for every type of person.”

As the business manager Devin Levin claims the real forte of the Jessica Simpson collection is its affordability. The New York Magazine reveals his statement according to which: “A girl could go to the shopping mall with her mother and she’d have a great new outfit and still have some money left for lunch at McDonald’s,” he explains. “She can look like Jessica Simpson, smell like Jessica Simpson, and she can afford it .”

We’re looking forward to see the future fashion and beauty collaborations of Jessica Simpson with the greatest brands of the world and hopefully we’ll also hear more about her blooming relationship too.

Image courtesy of New York Magazine

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