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Jewelry Care – Tips and Tricks

Jewelry Care – Tips and Tricks

Jewelry are similar to teeth and need regular cleaning to maintain their shine and lustre.

There are several options and cleaning solutions on the market but why pay for it when you can make a jewelry cleaner from household products yourself.

However, do remember that it’s easier and cheaper to prevent the deterioration of jewelry than to reconditioning them. Handle your fine jewelry with special care – you’ll increase their lifespan and will enjoy them more.

Jewelry Care – Tips and Tricks

Here are some tricks to clean and recondition your favorite pieces of jewelry: – Always keep them in a soft fabric lined jewelry box.

– Don’t spray your perfume or any other chemicals on your jewelry, as these will only stain or damage them.

– When cleaning silver jewelry never sink it into any solution. Use a toothbrush, soap and lukewarm water and soft cloths to polish it.

– Never leave silver jewelry on wooden surfaces, especially oak – these contain acid and will damage, stain the surface of silver. Paper towels and tissue paper also might damage your jewelry.

– Gold and platinum jewelry is cleaned with soap and a little amount of household ammonia (½ cup) added to water (2 cups). Sink them for about 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Be careful though, gems or rhinestones can get dull and discolored.

– Use a soft brush to sweep away any dirt and dust for cleaning gems or rhinestones and polish them with window cleaner. Use alcohol on a q-tip to get in between small spaces.

– The perfect way to clean pearls is to wear them constantly, since the oil from our skin keeps them clean and shiny, but a mild soap and water solution works well for cleaning them.

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