Jewelry You Should Own

Jewelry You Should Own

Starting a jewelry collection is easy if you stick the basic types you can’t go without. Find out which are the pieces of jewelry you should own if you want to be prepared to accessorize any look. After handling the fundamentals of your jewelry box, you can always buy similar pieces that really speak to you, but you shouldn’t ignore these versatile essentials.

Here’s the jewelry you should own if you want to be ready for any type of look, from smart casual and office attire to more elegant outfits.

Stud Earrings

This basic piece of jewelry shouldn’t be missing from your jewelry box. Gold and silver are great options, precious metals that almost never cause allergies and their versatility makes them perfect for a lot of looks. You can also opt for diamond (or diamond adjacent) studs if most of your wardrobe is on the elegant side.

Statement Necklace

Before you start considering other types of earrings, the statement necklace is very high on the list of jewelry you should own. Since it can be a big investment, make it count by choosing a necklace that really represents you and that can elevate most of your looks. Whether it’s a delicate piece of jewelry or a chunky one, make sure you’re really happy with the way it looks on you before you purchase it.

Hoop Earrings

An excellent choice for putting your hair up, whether in a bun or in a pony tail, simple hoop earrings are needed for smart casual looks, but can also add a little glamor to your look. Go for thin hoops that aren’t very heavy and make. If your style is more colorful, don’t be afraid to make these the pop of color that really helps you stand out.

Jewelry You Should Own

Short Necklace

A delicate piece of jewelry that you can wear on its own or with a pendant or charm, the short necklace is very important on the jewelry you should own. Make sure you go for a precious metal that won’t leave marks on your skin if you wear it daily and don’t make it a chocker. The short necklace should hit under the top of your collarbone.


Metal cuffs might not the best choice for a lot of occasions, but they help you channel your inner goddess. Go big and go bold with either one or two identical cuffs, but make sure you keep your other jewelry more subtle when you wear cuffs. They’re perfect for most cocktail dresses and you can even wear them with separates (pencil skirt and form-fitting top).

Long Necklace

Whether you’ll be wearing it at its original length or doubling it, the long necklace is usually very easy to transition between day and night looks. It’s definitely among the jewelry you should own and it goes with everything from gowns to turtleneck sweaters. You can buy it as part of a set, but look for one that will go well with your earrings.

Menswear Inspired Watch

For office looks, a menswear inspired watch is a must-have statement piece that can add sophistication to your looks. Don’t go for a dainty one, look for a bigger face, whether you prefer it to have a metallic strap or would rather choose leather. It will be a great addition to your office looks, when you shouldn’t wear too much jewelry.

Jewelry You Should Own

Cocktail Ring

You can’t call any jewelry collection complete without a stand out cocktail ring. It’s definitely a big part of the jewelry you should own because it can really take your cocktail looks to the next level. Don’t go for a neutral color, make sure it stands out if you want to get the most out of this beautiful accessory.


The tennis bracelet is the perfect companion to your stud earrings and it can also be very stylish when worn next to your menswear inspired watch. Before going for bangles, make sure you’re not missing out on this important piece that can also be used to display beautiful charms.

Chandelier Earrings

For some women, chandelier earrings aren’t always considered jewelry you should own, but join the pearl necklace in the optional department. However, these underrated pieces of jewelry can bring a lot of elegance and sophistication, especially for special occasions, when worn with updos. Make sure they’re not too heavy when you get them.

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