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Look Thinner With Style Tips From Pros

Look Thinner With Style Tips From Pros

Fashion insiders are not afraid to reveal their top secrets when it comes to offering a few life-saving ideas for the style pack. Those who are willing to expand their knowledge on accessories, the art of mix/matching different shades and designs will definitely be able to keep the pace with the speed of light evolution of this modern industry.

These style tips from pros can guarantee your success especially if you’re in a quest for styling options that allow you to create the impression of a perfectly proportionate silhouette. Check out how you can improve your appearance with a few gorgeous and versatile tricks.

Play With Jewelry

Use your accessorizing skills and start playing with jewelry designs. In order to create a slimming effect all you have to do is follow these style-saving ideas. In order to highlight the beauty of your face make sure you opt for chandeliers. On the other hand, long necklaces shift the attention to the mid-sections and your decolletage. Moreover, this type of jewelry can also add some length to a short neck. Last, but not least, it is important to consider bangles and glittery glam cuffs that draw the attention to the wrists rather than the upper section of the arms.

Look Thinner With Style Tips From Pros

Emphasize The Top Section

One of the time-tested tricks of all celebs and fashion insiders is to attract the attention to the top sections. The V-neckline is the name of the game if you’re lusting after a slender figure.

Add refinement and a lean dimension to your silhouette with the use of a similar fab top. Look for cardigans, blouses, tank tops and even dresses armed up with this dazzling and super-useful detail.

Match Skin Tone With Shoes

Celebs from Hollywood know how to fake their way to a fabulous and feminine silhouette. One of the revolutionary fashion insider tips they use is to match their skin tone with the shade of their shoes.

This is the ultimate magic spell to add length to the lower section of the body and create a dazzling impression. During the hot season wear nude or creamy colored footwear if you have a fair skin. Analyze the tone of your legs and make the best option.

Chose One Single Color

Opt for a block-colored look if you wish to add some length to your figure. More precisely, it is essential to sport bottom pieces and tops of the same shade. This is how you manage to pull off the slimming vertical line. Look taller and more slender with this chic insider trick. Keep your style neat and sophisticated for the ultimate standing ovation paid to your fashion aspirations.

Jacket Over Jeans

Pair your favorite pair of jeans with a fabulous jacket or blazer. Use these oh-so-popular cover ups to create the impression of a perfectly toned figure. Whether you opt for a straight leg or skinny jeans the point is to choose a jacket that suits your body shape. A similar style option will definitely boost your mood and confidence.

Look Thinner With Style Tips From Pros

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