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MFW Spring 2020 Trends: Ladylike Elegance

MFW Spring 2020 Trends: Ladylike Elegance

At Milan Fashion Week elegance with a ladylike allure has been the focus of many spring 2020 collections. Art and retro influences have been the starting point of some of the most interesting new season options. 

Here’s how some of the most well known Italian labels redefined ladylike redefined refinement and elegance for spring/summer 2020:

MFW Spring Trends 2020: Blumarine

Ultra feminine, sophisticated creations are Anna Molinari’s signature, but the spring 2020 alternatives had something extra: a fragile, ethereal component and an easily perceivable romantic mood. The spring 2020 collection was defined by a myriad of chic dresses with plenty of elegant accents: sheer touches, lace details, macramé appliqués, sequins, crystals, ostrich feathers and even fur. 

MFW Spring 2020 Trends: Ladylike Elegance

Innocent and provocateur are normally two opposing concepts, but the designer managed to merge them successfully in a myriad of mesmerizing gowns. View more from the Blumarine spring 2020 collection

MFW Spring Trends 2020: Blugirl

MFW Spring 2020 Trends: Ladylike Elegance

For its younger customer base, Anna Molinari kept the delicate allure she focused on for her main line but reinterpreted the concept by taking influences from the ’60s. The line brought many A-line sheath dresses in vibrant tones, several elegant combos of trousers and tops in identical colors. Despite the strong preference for monochrome outfits, the line also featured some patterns, namely animal and floral prints and stripes. Once again, elegance with a hint of sexiness was the perspective the designer adopted for her latest creations. View more from the Blugirl spring 2020 collection

MFW Spring Trends 2020: Antonio Marras

MFW Spring 2020 Trends: Ladylike Elegance

Artistic influences defined the Antonio Marras spring 2020 collection. The line had an ultra romantic mood and brought a variety of ladylike artsy creations, 70 to be precise. Abstract motifs and floral prints inspired by the 17th century gardens dominated the scene and transported the audience into another time, when ladylike elegance was the defining word. Key pieces from the new line were bustier-style dresses, chic metallic sandals and patent leather jacket with oversized sleeves. View more from the Antonio Marras spring 2020 collection

MFW Spring Trends 2020: Emporio Armani

MFW Spring 2020 Trends: Ladylike Elegance

Giorgio Armani focused on soft, sophisticated silhouettes for his spring 2020 show which featured no less than 90 looks. Cardigan-like jackets and blazers, wide leg pants, floaty satin dresses gorgeous brogues and pointy toe pumps many casual short dresses featuring abstract floral patterns in subtle tones of pastel pink, purple, grey, spearmint green and icy blue. Artistic vibes seem to have had quite an impact on the designer’s newest creations. View more from the Emporio Armani spring 2020 collection

MFW Spring Trends 2020: Bottega Veneta

MFW Spring 2020 Trends: Ladylike Elegance

Not everyone is sold on the idea that happy, ultra vibrant tones are the only way to celebrate spring. Many designers prefer the dark side and Tomas Maier is certainly one of them, opting for chic olive green black, white, apricot and wine tones instead of neon and jewel tones. The new line has brought voluminous linen skirts, silk and cotton dresses with feminine ruffle motifs and many gorgeous classic pointy pumps. Despite the fact that the line also featured more trendy accents such as a chic leather dress, timelessness was the key concept the new line was defined by. View more from the Bottega Veneta spring 2020 collection

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