Michael Kors Launches Video Series ‘Living the Kors Life’

Michael Kors Launches Video Series ‘Living the Kors Life’

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to work for a super-famous fashion designer? Well, we bet you did! If you want to take a glimpse behind-the-scenes, welcome to ‘Living the Kors Life’, a digital video where every season you’ll get the chance to follow three Michael Kors insiders. Get ready to discover everything these sexy and classy women like from favorite restaurants to secret vacation escapes and the items in their closet!

“I have always loved seeing the way so many chic women with very different lives and styles wear my designs,” Kors shares in a statement. “I can say with certainty that no matter where I am in the world, my customers are a varied group, and they love to put their own spin on the pieces. When I thought about how, now as a global brand, we could communicate an understanding of the scope of women who are ‘very Michael Kors,’ I took one look around my office and said, let’s start right here,” the designer adds.

Moreover, it seems that each season new women working within the company in its worldwide offices and shops will be introduced. “Especially as this series expands it will continue to serve to prove one of the fundamental ideas on which I’ve built my company — that everything I design has to play as well to women in Singapore as it does to women in Chicago. ‘Living The Kors Life’ will really drive home this reality,” Kors explains.

The ‘Living the Kors Life’ series starts with fabulous southern belle PR coordinator Savannah who opens her wardrobe and shares her never-fail, go-to outfit. “Black jeans, an oversized cashmere sweater, fur coat, and ultra-high black boots,” she says. As on the one Michael Kors piece that she cannot live without, Savannah reveals that, “My men’s Chambray shirt with tinted pockets. I wear it with everything from a neon skirt to simple black pants.”

The stylish Southern sorority girl turned “sleek professional in 60 seconds” also unveils her first Michael Kors thing she bought. “I inherited a bright crimson Michael Kors Cashmere Poncho from my mother. She purchased it in the ’80s when she was working in New York City. It’s nearly thirty years old and I adore it,” she says.

Speaking about her sartorial inspiration, Savannah admits that she mostly finds it in fashion photography. “There are great moments in films and music videos, but most of my ideas come from fashion photography — current or vintage. I have a framed Vogue cover that hung in my dorm room in high school. It’s the 1997 September issue featuring Linda Evangelista in a Smurf-blue fur coat,” she confesses.

You can check out the blog series on the redesigned Destination Kors website where you’ll have the opportunity to enter into the life of these stylish and chic women. Well, have a nosey and don’t miss a moment of fun!

Michael Kors Launches Video Series ‘Living the Kors Life’

Photos courtesy of Michael Kors

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