Must Have Accessories for Plus Size Women

Must Have Accessories for Plus Size Women

Accessories are really stylish and versatile items of your wardrobe. You can mix and match them with different outfits in order to create many different looks. Some simple accessories can really jazz up every dress and express originality and good taste. Brighten up your look with some chic accessories that will flatter your features and transform you into a real diva. Check out some staple pieces which are absolute must-have items in every plus size women’s wardrobe. Must Have Accessories for Plus Size Women

Fashion Belt

Nowadays belts are rather fashionable than functional. Stylish belts are highly in vogue this year, giving plus size women a great possibility to show off one of their greatest assets, their wonderful waist. Belts can enhance every outfit, lending you a trendy, feminine look. There are dozens of different belt styles you can choose from, however regular designs may not be as comfortable for you as elastic belts. These wonderful, tricky accent pieces can be worn under your bust area, matched with fashionable tunics, white shirts, loose dresses, sweaters or any other clothing item you would like to wear to accentuate your gorgeous waist.

Plus Sized Leggings

Leggings are definitely one of the trendiest fashion items this year. However, you should avoid wearing them as a substitute for pants, since it is not flattering for your body type at all. Create a more sophisticated and tasteful outfit instead, by combining a chic pair of dark leggings with long tunics, minidresses, long sweaters or tees. Leggings can add softness and style to your look and last but not least they are extremely comfy and versatile wardrobe pieces.

Must Have Accessories for Plus Size Women


Sunglasses are extremely chic accessories that will transform you into a real diva. These trendy fashion items are absolute must-have items in every plus size woman’s closet. A well-chosen pair of sunglasses that are flattering for your face shape will give you a classy air, making you look sexy and super-stylish.

Adequately Sized Handbags

The power of a well-chosen, adequately sized handbag is generally underestimated by the majority of women. However, if you go for a handbag that is too small, you will end up looking as if you are bigger than you are in reality. For this reason, make sure that you pay attention to which type of handbags you shop for in the future. An ideal handbag creates a nice balance with your body, so it is advisable to shop for a handbag that is in proportion to your figure. Stay away from small totes or tiny bags because they do nothing else but optically make you seem larger. Use your creativity and add some pizzazz to your wardrobe by shopping for some stylish bags with ample straps and funky, chic colors that will jazz up your outfits.


When shopping for jewelry, remember that scale and proportion are the most important things, which can make a huge difference to your look. Plus size women should avoid tiny jewelry, and choose instead larger, bold pieces, since thin necklaces, bracelets or tiny rings will visually make you look larger and will simply disappear on you. Go for chunky, statement jewelry pieces such as dangle earrings, which are perfect choices for plus size women who have a round face. Slim earrings are really flattering for your body type because these will nicely lengthen your face, giving you a thinner look. Bold, bright necklaces will enhance your facial features and express your individual style.

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Must Have Accessories for Plus Size Women Must Have Accessories for Plus Size Women