Nasty Gal Vintage Chanel Lookbook

Nasty Gal Vintage Chanel Lookbook

Nasty Gal launched The Ultimate Score, a collection of over 100 vintage Chanel items, which features everything from iconic quilted logo bags to jewelry, necklaces, charms, skirts and even crop tops. The new initiative might be surprising considering the fact that the label typically sells items under the $200 point, however it seems like Chanel items were actually in high demand, according to Nasty Gal vintage buyer Liz Franczak: “Chanel is a next-level label. When we launched The Score, which is the higher-end vintage section of our site, we saw that any time we put a Chanel piece in the store, it would fly out the door in 20 minutes.”

Naturally, the new Nasty Gal lookbook, which showcases a variety of ’80s and ’90s pieces was made to reflect upcoming trends and give several ideas on how the pieces can be combined in order to make a strong statement every single time. Since ’80s and ’90s trends were revived on numerous occasions on the spring 2020 runways, the moment couldn’t have been chosen better. Though there are plenty of bold pieces and ensembles shown in the new Nasty Gal The Ultimate Score Lookbook, there are plenty of choices which work well for various comfort zones.

Nasty Gal Vintage Chanel Lookbook

That’s another important point highlighted by Franczak: “We have a seafoam mini skirt with a matching jacket and a tiny crop top, and that feels really now. That’s something that’s really important to me when I think about Nasty Gal vintage. We don’t sell stuff that’s not wearable. Everything, regardless of what era it is, feels modern and what someone wants to wear right now.”

Nasty Gal Vintage Chanel LookbookNasty Gal Vintage Chanel Lookbook

Naturally, the new Nasty Gal vintage Chanel line has a higher price range compared to the typical options. After all, Chanel items are an investment and everyone knows it. How much will buying a vintage Chanel piece set you back ? Well, it obviously depends on the piece that becomes the object of your desire, however, the price range for the items in the new line is between $378 and $7200. The priciest piece from the new line is the Vintage Chanel Anouk Quilted Leather Jacket.

Nasty Gal Vintage Chanel LookbookNasty Gal Vintage Chanel LookbookNasty Gal Vintage Chanel Lookbook

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Photos: Nasty Gal