New Trends in Shoes for Spring 2020

What Shoes To Wear in Spring 2020

Spring 2020 trends have a lot to offer: the peep-toe bootie or the oxford-sandal is the new must have.

The wedge shoe is back and is higher than ever.

Color-block and fabric printed shoes match the season’s palette and for warrior looks what’s more suited than a pair of gladiator boots?

Animal prints are still warm, but moving out; patent and satin are still in, fabrics getting stronger moving towards the summer; black, yellow, pink, white, and neutral (beige) are the most popular colors; in patterns, polka-dot and flowers will creep in slowly as Spring advances.

New Trends in Shoes for Spring 2020

Chunky wedges, funky heels and platforms have seen a strong revival and are set to be in vogue for several seasons to come. A perfect accessory to the maxi dress, chunky wedges complete that flowing, feminine look, giving height and density.

If you want to play it safe with shape & design, simply add this trend by wearing a favorite color on your foot.

But if you work in a less-than-conservative environment, want a fun evening shoe, or even just for hanging out in the summer, you can find cutout heels, non-traditional materials, and some fun combinations not seen before.

Neon colors are back. Just take one look at the new spring 2020 shoe arrivals and it’s hard to miss the neon trend that will be sure to keep anyone out of the dark.

New Trends in Shoes for Spring 2020

Wear ankle boots with tights in the same color family for the longest, leanest look. Open toe booties work as well with cigarette pants as they do with wide-legged trousers, mini dresses and pencil slim skirts. Remember to pick a heel height that works for you!

For spring, flats remain a must-have accent, but the big news is that dainty, ballerina-inspired styles are now de rigueur. First worn by dancers during their studio hours then co-opted by Audrey Hepburn in the ’60s, flats in black leather and beribboned styles make their return for this spring.

Gladiator sandals are fast becoming the must-have of the new season. Last year, they were simple & flat, but look again. Heels have definitely shot up in height! There are more colors to choose from, so combined with a wide variety of heel shapes, the only thing these have in common are the straps!