NU Rave Fashion Must Haves

NU Rave Fashion Must Haves

Are you one of the old time fans of Rave music and the rich subculture that created its own rainbow world as well as unique attitude. Rave is indeed about vibration as the music also mirrors, some might be keen to break out from the routine and ally the group of those who long for a patch of color and shine in their life. Due to the long period that passed from the heyday of Rave as well as the evolution of style tendencies, NU Rave became more wearable and compatible with our casual wardrobe items. Indeed teens are keen to adopt the trend as it would challenge their accessorizing and mix-matching skills.Heading for a similar festival or theme party might seem a real challenge especially if you are a rookie in alternative style trends. Join the new revival movement of Rave with the following NU Rave fashion must haves.

NU Rave Fashion Must Haves NU Rave Fashion Must Haves NU Rave Fashion Must Haves NU Rave Fashion Must Haves

Dresses and Skirts

Dresses come in various colors and lengths, this trend encourages also the styles that might fuse tones that are rarely combined a trick once considered a real faux pas. Indeed neon hues as well as the radiant colors would look stunning as the base piece of your outfit. You can also opt for skirts however a multi-toned and printed dress would look more stunning when paired with the additional details of your look. Rave is about standing out of the crowd regardless of heading to a party or for a walk. Start at this basic step and feel free to sport some of the stylish tones of the season that would get you into the groove.

Long Tops

Juggle with various tailoring design or create your own conception of a brand new and up-to-date Rave top with the help of scissors and accessories. Long tops are signature pieces of NU Rave fashion, especially as these were combined with leggings and the comfortable still statement shoes.Nowadays the mod version of the old time and unbeatable trend bears the color and accessory tradition of the past style. Therefore make sure you choose a long top that complement your body shape and can also set you into the spotlight. Digital prints, tie dye style as well as message t-shirts and tops would look stunning and would be able to play up your look on the minute.

NU Rave Fashion Must Haves NU Rave Fashion Must Haves


Statement leggings of all tones and prints are some of the most stylish wardrobe staples of NU Rave fans. Those who would like to dress down their look should pair the bright shades with a neutral-colored top. Whereas in the heritage of the old time classy Rave fashion some might follow the mix prints principle that is oh-so-popular nowadays. Choose patterns that create the perfect contrast and would attract the admiring glimpses without knowing where to look at first. Indeed the animal prints as well as latex and graphic printed or cutout leggings all will work perfectly when embedded into a similar outfit.


Enlisting the most voguish accessories of NU Rave might be impossible as it covers all the neon and bright accessories trend as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelries in general as well as sunglasses and scarves as well as hats. Those who would like to pull off the most stylish and stunning should stuff their accessory treasure chest with the most inspiring and eye-catching designs ideally of plastic. Look for simple or more complex structures as well as feel free to layer the various pieces with mastery. There’s nothing more inspiring than to rely on these cute and chic details to create the perfect atmosphere.

NU Rave Fashion Must Haves NU Rave Fashion Must Haves NU Rave Fashion Must Haves NU Rave Fashion Must Haves


Special shoes are also must have elements of a Rave outfit. In that past ravers were associated with the fluffy boots as well as footwear as well as thick sole shoes that made them look generously more taller then their real height. Though these were soon swept under the carpet, cute boots took their places as well as wedges. As the pro stylist claim Rave music is dynamic and would require you to move and dance therefore it is essential to avoid any accidents and sport comfy shoes. These colorful boots style would make you look gorgeous and at the same time voguish in the spirit of NU Rave style. Embed these into your outfit and make sure it would stand out as a unique piece rather then blend it into your overall pink or neon outfit.


The endless selection of bags that would match your outfit include maxi bags as well as totes and even backpacks of all fabrics and hues. Though plastic and vinyl is the quintessential fabric associated with Rave you can also opt for leather and cotton in the shades that would accentuate its refined design as well as color structure. Large bags might be the perfect option especially if you head for a festival or a Rave party these accessories could include additional essentials of your apparel that can be later added to your outfit.

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