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Prom Dress Buying Tips

Prom Dress Buying Tips

Since the prom night is one of the most important events in the life of every teenager it’s important only natural to want everything to be perfect. Preparation is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that everything turns out to be exactly as you’ve imagined it would be. The dress is probably the most important aspect you should decide on and it’s vital to choose it early because all the elements of your outfit depends on the style of the dress. With the multitude of options selection can become quite difficult but fortunately there are plenty of ways to narrow down the list and make selection easier.

Set up a budget

To avoid disappointment you should talk to your parents about the budget long before going to shop for a dress. When setting up a budget you should take into account not only the actual cost of the dress but also the additional cost of hair accessories, shoes and jewelry. It’s a good idea to consider including in a mini emergency kit for the big night as part of the expenses. If you are planning to cover part of the expenses yourself decide which items you are going to pay and which ones your parents will pay.

Prom Dress Buying Tips Prom Dress Buying Tips

Decide what are the items you you want to splurge on and which ones you want to safe. Most girls prefer splurging on the dress and the shoes and saving on the accessories but if your budget is tight you should consider a vintage dress or vintage accessories. Also if you shop early you will avoid overpaying. Another option is shopping online for the dress you like as you might be able to find better deals. Even if you find something you like online, you should try to find a similar model in stores to see if that model really suits you before purchasing the dress.

Dress for your body type

While following the latest prom dress fashion trends is always tempting you should first focus on finding the type of dress that most suits your body type because in this way you will be able to emphasize your best physical assets and to downplay the features that don’t compliment you. For instance if you are athletic an empire gown would be the ideal choice for your silhouette, whereas if you are a big bust the best choice is a A-line dress. Big busted girls should avoid asymmetrical dresses.

Prom Dress Buying Tips Prom Dress Buying Tips Prom Dress Buying Tips Prom Dress Buying Tips

Small busted girls might benefit from wearing ruffles around the bust area. While satin dress and sequined dresses are tempting they might not be the best choices if you are a plus size girl. Sequins should be placed on the body area you want to draw attention on.

Decide on the color

When choosing the color of the dress don’t forget to dress for your skin tone by knowing what are the colors that suit you the best. By correlating the color options that are suitable for your skin tone with the colors that are the most appropriate for your body type.

In other words even if several light colors might be appropriate for your skin tone if you have a full figure you should wear darker colors that have a more slimming effect. Correlating these two options really narrows down your options making the decision a lot easier.

Prom Dress Buying Tips Prom Dress Buying Tips

Final tips

Once you have purchased the dress everything else becomes a lot easier. Accessories should be chosen depending on the style of the dress. While a sequined dress requires discrete accessories for simple and elegant dresses the accessories are an essential part. Your make-up also greatly depends on the style of the dress. If you choose a cut out dress the makeup should be minimal. Make sure you make an appointment with your hairdresser immediately after you purchase the dress and consider bringing a photo of the dress in order to be able to select the best hairstyle easier.

Finally don’t forget that the attitude is just as important as your outfit so be confident and make sure you make this night one of the best nights of your life.

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