Reasons Not to Wear Real Fur

Reasons Not to Wear Real Fur

Fur has a such a long history that it actually predates fashion. While cavemen and cavewomen needed it to protect themselves from the elements, that’s certainly not the case anymore in the 21st century. Besides the needless cruelty, the are also plenty of practical reasons not to wear real fur.

If you’ve ever gotten in an argument with someone who continues to wear fur, you might be glad to find some new ammunition, practical reasons why real fur needs to go. Besides sparing the life of countless animals, here’s why you shouldn’t even consider wearing a real fur coat.

Fake Fur Is Fabulous

If you stop wearing real fur, you’re really not settling when it comes to style. Cheaper and available in many more colors and styles, fake fur is the way to go if you still can’t give up the concept of fur. You can wear it with a clear conscience and still get the benefit of the look. A lot of designers have created stunning items with fake fur, so you’re literally spoiled for choice.

Fur IS Making a Statement, But Not the One You Think

For many people, fur continues to be a status symbol and an easy way to display wealth. That’s certainly making a statement, but for more and more people that statement is negative. Fur has been compared with sports cars that burn as much fuel as a truck, and the statement is the same: “I’m rich so I can afford even the most decadent things!”. Focus your need for opulence on rare gemstones and precious metals, so no animals have to die in pain to make you feel well dressed.

Getting Unwanted Attention and Aggression

The issue of cruelty in fashion is not a new one, but more and more people are becoming aware of the ethical issues of fur. Some of them become activists for animal rights and if you ever want to wear a real fur coat in public, you might not be safe. If you hate having people’s finger in your face while they accuse you of being a murderer, stick to fake furs. Some activists might even try to damage garments made of real fur, which brings us to more practical considerations…

Reasons Not to Wear Real Fur

Real Fur Is Hard to Clean

You can’t get paint or flour out of a fur. Even if you’re not attacked by people who are protesting on behalf of voiceless suffering animals, you’ll have to spend a lot of money and energy in keeping fur garments looking good. When it gets very wet, from rain or snow, fur needs to be taken to a professional fur cleaner ASAP.

Fur Coats Can Be Tricky to Store

Even if you manage to keep fur garments away from stains and liquids when you wear them, maintaining them in the long term gets really difficult. You can’t keep fur in a warm environment because the hide dries up. You can’t keep fur in a plastic bag because it needs constant air circulation. You can’t keep fur in a cedar closet because it will pick up the smell of the wood. It takes a lot of effort to keep the fur in shape after it’s been ripped off a living being, so why go through all that trouble just for an outdated style?

Real Fur Is the Epitome of Animal Cruelty

People kill animals for a lot of reasons, but doing it to be fashionable seems to be the ultimate gratuitous form of cruelty. And it’s not just restricted to animals you’ll never have to look in the eyes, like minks. The fur industry also uses rabbit, cat and dog fur to make “stylish” garments. Even if the animals aren’t skinned alive, they live a miserable life and die for the most superficial of reasons.

Dozens of Animals Can Be Killed for a Single Fur Coat

Are you really OK with dozens of animals being sacrificed for a single item of clothing? It goes without saying that any mistake in the skinning process that results in blood stains on the fur means another animal has to be killed to complete the “perfect” fur coat.

Reasons Not to Wear Real Fur

Some Things Should Be Left in the Past

Just like humans have moved on from making tools out of the bones of the animals they kill, they can also move on from wearing parts of their carcasses. You don’t need fur to stay warm, it’s only useful as a way to hang on to “glamorous” past times.

You Want to Feel Good About Who You Are, Not How You Look

Even if you can live with yourself temporarily when wearing grandma’s old fur, are you really sure you can make the animal cruelty a long term compromise? Is it really more important how you look than who you are?

It’s Really Not Cool

Seriously? Fur in 2020? Not cool… NOT COOL.

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