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Set Spring 2020 Lookbook

Set Spring 2020 Lookbook

The Set spring 2020 lookbook is rife with exciting outfit ideas for the new season. The company is specialized in bringing stunning pieces with an urban flair and reinterpreting the new season trends in fresh and exciting ways. Set always manages to dazzle fans with the keen understanding of what makes a seemingly ordinary look stand out. The newest set of options the label is putting forward have the same effect, enticing fashionistas to take a closer look at the new ensembles in order to determine how exactly to achieve a similar vibe.

The Set spring 2020 lookbook brings a myriad of style perspectives worth exploring. Military accents are just a small part of the influences the label focuses on. From reinterpreted camo prints to military inspired jackets and blazers, military influences can definitely be sensed in the new line in different degrees, from relatively conspicuous to subtle. Leather pieces are another important part of the new Set spring 2020 lookbook.

Set Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 Lookbook

It seems that although spring is typically associated with lighter fabrics, the allure of leather pieces still remains strong. This is why we’re glad to see the label bringing many cool style suggestions on how to make the most of the trend, whether we’re talking about biker jackets or cool leather pants and shorts.

Set Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 Lookbook

Interestingly enough, the label opts for loose-fit pieces in the new lookbook. With sportswear influences being one of the most easily noticeable trends for the new season, loose fitting trousers and sweatshirts are definitely great picks for those who are looking for a sporty vibe, as are graphic tees and varsity jackets.

Set Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 Lookbook

When it comes to prints, the label seems to favor mostly ethnic motifs and animal prints. Other wardrobe staples the label is bringing into the spotlight are cool jersey skirts or fab boyfriend jeans which manage to add a cool masculine flair to many of the looks included in the new line. In addition to casual staples, the new Set spring 2020 collection also features more elegant and versatile pieces like wrap dresses or elegant jumpsuits which can work for more formal occasions.

Set Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 LookbookSet Spring 2020 Lookbook

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