Spring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion Trends

Spring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion Trends

Sometimes bending some conventional style rules is absolutely necessary if you want to be noticed for your unique style. Eclectic combinations can be a source of innovation and excitement for those who know how to make this look seem studied and well created but they can prove to be a dangerous style choice for those who are unclear as to where the line should be crossed between a certain degree of originality when it comes to dressing and going overboard to the point of committing faux pas.

Eclectic combinations, which tend to be very popular among indie fashion lovers as well as those who prefer a boho style have been present in many combinations of some of the most influential fashion designers of the moment. The different visions have lead to great variety of style suggestions women can use in order to update their style. Interesting style merges bold color combinations as well as interesting texture are all elements that can be used to create the desired effect and add a touch of edginess to your outfits.

Spring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsProenza SchoulerSpring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsPeter SomSpring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsRodarteSpring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsTimo Weiland

Mixing bold colors and different print styles can be a tricky decision, however collections like Proenza Schouler, Timo Weiland or Altuzarra manage to challenge our limits by demonstrating how the right colors as well as prints styles be cleverly combined to get unusual yet fashionable outfit styles. If sometimes the secret relies in choosing strong colors in very similar tones, at other times the best idea is to keep the the same print style and choose a more neutral shade.

Combining a few shades from a similar color palette is and playing with fabric textures is another interesting idea that can be used. Peter Som as well as Rodarte offer two different variations of this idea, depending on which styles appeals to you the most. While applying patches strategically can transform a simple pant suit, a lace dress with discreet prints and other fabric applications can be the best alternative for those who want a more romantic style with a twist.

If geometric patterns or designs match your tastes a little more, embracing the latest fashion trends in a slightly different manner can be an interesting idea. If geometry when it comes to texture is something you find alluring a printed tunic with pleats like the one presented at Custo Barcelona is can become one of your signature pieces for the following season. Strong color combinations like the ones presented at Alexandre Herchcovitch can be a great way to break monotony and adopt a powerful yet classy and modern look.

Spring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsLouise GraySpring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsCusto BarcelonaSpring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsJuan Carlos ObandoSpring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsAlexandre Herchcovitch

Opting for bold colors is not the only way to get noticed. If you are a bit of a rebel at heart opting for a style alternative like the one presented at Juan Carlos Bando can be a perfect choice that will reflect your personality. Also if you are not necessarily an adept of bold color combos or head to toe prints like the ones presented at Chris Benz, a few discreet details and a few well chosen neural shade can be a more fashionable choice for you.

When embracing this trend it’s important to keep in mind the fact that this type of trend tends to be highly subjective and that in order to be able to really rock this trend, knowing what best appeals to you as well as the fashion risks you are willing to take are some crucial aspects that need to be considered.

Spring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsChris BenzSpring Summer 2020 Eclectic Fashion TrendsRag & Bone

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