Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry Trend

Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry Trend

When it comes to fashion accessories, it can be hard not to be tempted to purchase as many styles as possible since they have such a powerful effect to define our features. In the case of oversized jewelry, this characteristic becomes even more powerful since it can be a complete fashion statement on its own. Judging by the numerous oversized jewelry styles that were present on the runways for the following season, it can be quite safe to assume that this trend might actually a strong staying power.

From complex, structural geometric patterns to more colorful and summery designs oversized jewelry will take a variety of different forms in the following season.

Necklaces are the perfect way to create a stronger emphasis on the upper part of the body and to make a simple outfit really stand out. The choice in pattern as well as the color is crucial when it comes to creating a certain type of look.

If geometric patterns and unusual metallic patterns match your idea of style and edginess, you might be able to find your favorite style matches in collections such as Malandrino or Holly Fulton as they are filled with wonderful examples of oversized jewelery of this sort. A great advantage of this type of jewelry is that it can be combined with a variety of outfits without too many problems from a color coordinating perspective.

Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendMalandrinoSpring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendMalandrinoSpring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendMoschino Cheap and Chic Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendChristian Dior Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendMoschinoSpring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendEmporio Armani

If you are looking for a more colorful, summerish version of this trend directing your attention towards collections like Moschino, Moschino Cheap and Chic or Christian Dior as these collections are filled with fun and exciting styles that can add a touch of color to your outfits and boost your mood at the same time. Romantic and modern with a youthful allure attached to them, these necklaces are sure to put you in a good mood every time you decide to put them on.

For a more moderate version of this trend you can also try the more classical and conventional style similar to the one seen at Emporio Armani as this will give you a sophisticated and classic look being suitable even in professional settings where the rules are stricter.

Another fun and interesting accessory we will become fairly familiar and accustomed to in the following season are bangles. Dramatic bangles or a collection of multiple thin bangles worn together were spotted on numerous runways in a variety of different forms but with a joined overall theme. Depending on the fabric they are made of as well as the designs of the bangles they can be used in different ways for a variety of different occasions. If the bangles presented on the L.A.M.B runway have playful and original having a playful and youthful touch, the bangles designs in Donna Karan’s collection are much more versatile and have a more sophisticated touch.

Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendL.A.M.BSpring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendMalandrinoSpring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendMarc by Marc JacobsSpring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendDonna Karan

Made of plastic, metal or fabrics, vividly colored or in neutral shades, bangles can be an extremely versatile and fashionable accessory if used in the right combinations. While most bangles can successfully be part of most casual outfits, selecting the right type of theme is the element that truly creates a well put together outfit.

A perfect illustration of this idea can be seen at Moschino where the navy influence becomes more than obvious in a classy way thanks to the two oversized bangles. With minimalistic designs or with a variety of themes and colors that are closely related that have little distinguishable variations, metallic bangles are an affordable day to day accessory you can use to liven up any outfit.

Whether you opt for cool oversized necklaces or you choose to bring a little color to your life as well as your outfits with a simple set of bangles embracing the oversized accessories trend is by far the easiest method as well as the most cost efficient method to update your look for the following season. With the incredible selection of styles available in most stores it’s extremely easy to find a style that reflects your personality.

Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendRoberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendVivienne Westwood Red LabelSpring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendDsquared2Spring Summer 2020 Oversized Jewelry TrendMoschino

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