Spring Trend Alert! Ombre Tights

Spring Trend Alert! Ombre Tights

Every true fashionista dreams of owning an array of statement, iconic fashion items that have the power to make jaws drop from first glimpse. If you can’t get enough of fashion, prepare to be dazzled by a new trend that will surely make you stop traffic before the scorching heat takes over. One of this year’s spring trend alert has been triggered by ombre tights and the amazing styles created by BZR Shop and featured on Etsy will dare you to resist temptations.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to accentuating your style and definitely one of the quickest and surest ways to give yourself a ‘styleover’ this spring season is by adding one of these gorgeous ombre effect tights to your collection. Best of all, the tights come in 5 different gradient color styles which will help complete various on-trend ensembles.

The ombre effect, whether featuring vibrant, warm or dark, cool tones have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ which will instantly give an outfit a little bit of a fashionable twist without barely any effort. The options are limitless, so dress them up or dress them down as the results obtained are amazing either way. A pair of flirty floral print shorts, a stylish dress or a cute short skirt mixed and matched with your favorite ombre color tights and topped with a pair of vintage-vibe platform pumps or a cool pair of oxford shoes will help you achieve an edgier, yet very classy, fashion-forward look that will have the power to make heads turn.

BZR ombre tights are custom made to fit your height and weight in addition to being hand dyed in your color choice. The color palette available for the tights is not vast, but the hues are definitely in sync with the latest fashion color trends. The coloration of the tights gradually switches from the hip area down towards the toes, going from an intense pigment hue to a very light one, so pick the color effect that complements your wardrobe and style best. The following hues are available for purchase:

Sunset – red-orange which fades to a peach/nude

Fuchsian Violet – black/ deep violet which fades to a fuchsia violet

Navy – dark navy which fades to a light gray hue

Animal – dark brown which fades to a yellow ochre

Coal – black which fades to a light gray-ivory hue

Spring Trend Alert! Ombre Tights Spring Trend Alert! Ombre Tights Spring Trend Alert! Ombre Tights Spring Trend Alert! Ombre Tights Spring Trend Alert! Ombre Tights

Photos courtesy of BZR Shop via Etsy