Summer Trend – Wearing Flip Flops

Summer Trend – Wearing Flip Flops

Flip Flop Your Way In and Out in the Summer

What feet wear is the most suitable for a torrid summer? Well, the flip flops: easy to put on, light, covering only a tiny part of your feet, so that they can breathe and catch some air. Find out more of the benefits of the flip flops and the best types of flip flops. It’s definitely true: there are women who choose comfort over fashion and others prefer to suffer and be in style, but this year it seems that fashion and comfort coincide in matters of feet wear. The flip flops are a great hit, and this actually began last year, when women stopped wearing high heeled shoes in the summer, preferring the more comfy flip flops.

Summer Trend – Wearing Flip FlopsSummer Trend – Wearing Flip Flops

The flip flops go well with any type of attire, except for the very fancy ones. So, wear flip flops on the beach, with jeans, with skirts, with minis, well basically wherever you go. There are many models and types of flip flops that you can choose, but our recommendation would be to buy a pair that employs non plastic materials and natural textiles, as otherwise your feet will sweat, regardless of the fact that most of the feet are exposed. However, a pair of flip flops is not expensive, so you might want to go for the real deal, avoiding the artificial materials and the fakes.

The flip flops are so easy to put on, light, your toes are exposed, so your feet do not sweat and last but not least, they are very comfortable. In addition, they are also sexy, believe it or not, and they are in fashion. So, these are many reasons why you should opt for flip flops. However, there have been researches conducted that identified some issues regarding this type of foot wear.

Summer Trend – Wearing Flip FlopsSummer Trend – Wearing Flip Flops

Some researchers opine that the thin soles are not really healthy for the legs, especially for people with flat feet. In conclusion, you might choose some flip flops that have a thicker sole. As a matter of fact, the Birkenstock flip flops are probably the best option for a warm summer on comfy soles. Even if some women hate these types of shoes, some consider them even fugly, these are definitely comfortable, light and durable. However, it is up to you to decide which pair is for you.

All in all, the flip flops have passed from their status of beach wear to the status of street wear. Try them and you’ll experience the comfort so that you can really enjoy this summer.

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