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The Perfect Swimsuit for You

The Perfect Swimsuit for You

Not all of us look like we just stepped out of a magazine and look flawless. That is not a bad thing because you can find swimsuits that accentuate the best part of your body and cover up what you want to cover up.

If you are small chested what you need to do is find a swimsuit with big colorful prints that which have a push up bra. It’s best if the bra is not to dark because dark colors tend to make things appear smaller.

If you are a little bit chubby the elastic fabric of the swimsuit and the prints will hide and distract the attention from the fuller areas. All you need to do is pick the right swimsuit. Try to find a swimsuit which covers the tummy and has prints on it. The prints will mask the extra pounds and make you appear slimmer. You can try a one piece floral print swimsuit, an animal print or multi- color print swimsuit.

The Perfect Swimsuit for YouThe Perfect Swimsuit for YouThe Perfect Swimsuit for You

If you have wide hips then avoid wearing swimsuits that have the bottom part shaped like a pair of shorts. The swimsuit should be cut in a way that will give the effect of longer legs. A higher cut will give that effect. Go for strong bold colors on top that have low waist darker colored bikinis.

If you have a big bust avoid wearing bras that are shaped like a triangle. They offer no support for you so go instead for bras that have double or wide shoulder straps and offer support for the breasts. You can choose any color as long as you got the right bra for you.

The Perfect Swimsuit for You

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