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Tips and Tricks to Hide Big Ears

Tips and Tricks to Hide Big Ears

When your ears stick out, they can easily make you feel self-conscious and ruin your confidence. Extreme solutions, like otoplasty, have increased risks, so before you decide you can only “fix” your ears surgically, try out a few tips and tricks to hide big ears that are much less invasive.

From getting the right haircut to accessorizing correctly and even using double-stick tape for special occasions, find out how to deal with big ears in the easiest, most comfortable ways.

Get the Right Hairstyle

Tucking your hair behind your ears will simply draw attention to them in the worst way. You can still rock plenty of hairstyles and even updos that help disguise ears that are too large (according to you) or stick out too much.

Growing out your hair is a must, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try a shorter look, but keeping your hair over your ears is the simple way to deal with the issue every day. Once your hair is at the right length, say goodbye to ponytails since they do nothing but emphasize your ears.

Tips and Tricks to Hide Big Ears

Layers work best for thick hair, while fine hair should have more volume, curls or waves, that can both cover your ears and bring balance to your look. You can also add volume by blow drying your hair while it’s set on rollers.

Focus on Accessories

Hats are one of the best ways to hide big ears and can quickly become a part of your fashion sense, whether they’re small or big. If you want the most flattering look in regards to your ears, the best hats are usually flat and wide brimmed.

When the weather is too hot to accommodate anything but a sunhat, sunglasses become your best bet on how to hide big ears. Find a style that’s right for your face shape, but go big. Oversized sunglasses can perfectly balance out your ears.

The same principle applies for earrings too: the bigger, the better! Chandelier earrings can create the right proportions and make your ears appear much smaller than they really are. While earrings are a year round solution, colder months also bring an opportunity for many stylish accessories that cover your ears, from headbands to ear warmers.

Tips and Tricks to Hide Big Ears

All accessories you use for your hairstyles should also be on the big side. Small and delicate bobby pins can help you secure your hair, but they’re better off staying hidden under your tresses. Only bring out big and daring accessories and you’ll be using one of the best tricks to hide big ears.

How to Hide Big Ears in Photos

Sunglasses and hats don’t make for exciting pictures, so when you need less focus on your ears and you can’t hide them with anything, there’s a special trick that makes them appear smaller in images. Don’t take pictures while looking straight at the camera. Instead, look a bit sideways and your ears will look better proportioned.

Another simple trick to get the best pictures is to slightly angle your head when you’re being photographed. Use both these tips at once and you won’t have to worry too much about how to hide your big ears when your picture is being taken.

How to Hide Your Ears with Double-Sided Tape

Updos don’t do you any favors, but if you love how they look, you can pair them up on special occasions with a simple trick that involves double-sided tape. Stop your ears from sticking out too much by simply taping them back against your head.

Use small pieces of double-sided clear tape and apply them first to your skin, following the natural line of your ears. Make sure they don’t stick out too much, then gently press down your ears to stick to the tape. Enjoy your look and wash the area with warm water and soap after removing the pieces of double-stick tape.

This is one of the most temporary tips and tricks to hide big ears so don’t count on it working for an entire day. Always check the type of adhesive used in the tape, some are water proof and they can be trickier to remove, but they won’t slip if you sweat or get wet.

Celebrities with Big and Protruding Ears

Tips and Tricks to Hide Big EarsTips and Tricks to Hide Big EarsTips and Tricks to Hide Big EarsTips and Tricks to Hide Big Ears

Tips and Tricks to Hide Big Ears for Him

Most of the ways to hide big ears also work for men, but guys do have one more advantage when it comes to making their big ears look more balanced: sideburns. They don’t usually have to be very long to work. If you’re comfortable with shorter sideburns, that don’t go down to the height of the ear lobe, the visual trick still works. A full beard might hide more of your face, but it doesn’t have the same effect in making your ears appear smaller.

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