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Tips to Create Your Signature Look

Tips to Create Your Signature Look

I’m sure you’ve seen stars who succeed in creating their signature look throughout the years. We don’t know whether it is an image created by a professional stylist or by them personally.

Some might say that it is impossible to look unique and original in a world with so many styles and fashion icons. Wrong, the following tricks will help you create your own signature look in no time. Take notes to have a complete image of yourself.

– In fact it’s about knowing your personality traits, features and personal taste. Every person is unique, however some of us tend to accentuate their style and strengths more visibly. The first step in following their example is to find the qualities that you have and can make you distinctive of others. You’ll see if you succeed in finding these, shopping as well as dressing will be much easier.

Tips to Create Your Signature Look

– The most important thing is to know what fits your body type. There are outfits or clothes that don’t match your features, read articles that help you in deciding, which body or skin type you belong to. You don’t want to spoil your image right from the start.

– Specialists claim that you must not restrain yourself to your body but analyze other qualities. You may have a million dollar smile, beautiful hair or even a unique voice.

These all contribute to the overall look and the impression you give to others. Don’t be too modest, there must be some traits you are proud of, you may ask your friends for an objective opinion.

– The next step would be to find the things you are apparently obsessed with. It might be an accessory, a color or a pattern. Look through your wardrobe and see whether you are a vivid or classy color freak.

This will help you in defining the mood you like to suggest to your environment. Many celebrities created their signature style by using a ‘must have’ accessory as a scarf, a belt, or a hat. Why not find yourself a tool that can make you look original. Write down your options then choose the one that characterizes you most.

Tips to Create Your Signature Look

– You can even find an idol for yourself, remember don’t be a copycat! It’s not about imitation it’s rather inspiration. Steal the ideas not complete outfits, the style of another person can help you in choosing the right patterns and colors. Balance is a keyword, don’t dress up everything you like at once. Certain accessories match certain clothes and outfits, imagine them, if you’re ambitious enough you can even draw them.

– As a final advice, keep in mind that people will recognize you after your style. That’s why you should create a signature look that will last a longer period of time. If you tend to get bored of a look be more careful and have several options beforehand. Famous personalities became immortal due to their lasting chic look. Good luck with it!

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